Saturday, December 11, 2010

Water & Bodies to record 1st Full Length LP

12/11/10 9:21PM
album is expected to drop on February 22nd

their blog post

they're recording their 1st full-length link

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Water & Bodies is an indie rock band from Portland, OR. They will begin recording their debut full length album this fall with producer Rian Lewis. The band has spent the past year crafting their songs and has managed to record two EP's within that year. This is a major feat for any band also working full time jobs. Having played numerous shows through out the Northwest and recently returning home from a productive west coast tour this summer, the band is set on making an impact in the music world. What is missing in the bands arsenall is not the passion, not the drive, not the heart to succeed, but the funds to properly record and release a full length album.

The new record will feature a few older songs re-recorded along side a plethora of new songs. Funds raised through Kickstarter and out of the bands pocket will be used to produce and record the album the band and everyone's been waiting to hear. It will be something monumental and unlike anything out there today.

Think of this pledge as a pre-order for the new record. If you pledge $10 or more you secure yourself a copy of the new album. A track listing will be posted soon.

The target amount reflects the amount needed to help with studio time. Any amount raised above that target will be put toward the pressing of cd's, marketing money and everything else that comes along with putting out a new album.

Thank you for your continued support. This would not be possible without your kind hearts.

Project location: Portland, OR

I think $1,500 is a much more realistic goal than the $5,000 I recall it was back in the Spring. I just re-signed up/contributed again. I'll admit, the last EP didn't grab me as much as the 1st, but I should revisit it again. Regardless, I have a lot of optimism for this 1st full-length of theirs. However, I wouldn't expect it until early 2011 the way these things work.

Also, I still say they should try and get together with The River Empires sometime to do a show (or tour!). I mean c'mon, the 2 great bands are in the exact same friggin town!