Friday, April 16, 2010

Cloud Cult - Light Chasers (2010)

This is their next full-length album, due out on August 17th.

They also have a new ep with 1 new track called "Running With the Wolves" that includes 3 older (b-sides?) tunes.

1 Running With the Wolves
2 Mr. Tambourine Man
3 A Place
4 Where Are You Now?

Mr.Tambourine Man, a cover of the classic 60's tune?

This ep is being released on 4/20 to coincide with Earth Day I guess. But it's already available for $3 digitally at their online store.

2008's "Feel Good Ghosts" was a surprising addiction for me. I knew the band's name, but never expected to like them. I have since checked out some of their older work and enjoy that as well. So, this new album I certainly expect more of the same at this point.

It is still really sad I have yet to see them live still. They should play a show at The Varsity instead of 1st Crapenue. Or maybe even 1 of the theaters, and I'd definitely make an effort to go. Maybe I'll win tickets from Radio K.