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Jimmy Gnecco - The Heart (2010)

4/13/10 7:56PM

July 20th is the drop date.

cmj article (which I scratch my head why Radio K has an ad there. Radio K has NEVER played Ours before as far as I know)

Jimmy Gnecco, frontman for the alternative rock band Ours, has announced plans to release his first solo album, titled The Heart. The label Bright Antenna will put out the album on July 20, and its first single, "Bring You Home," will hit radio June 22. In addition to self-producing The Heart, Gnecco performs every instrument heard on the album—guitar, bass, keyboards, drums and others. He also supplied the 13 tracks with his impassioned, melancholic vocal that fans of Ours have come to love.

Track Listing For The Heart:
01. Rest Your Soul
02. Light On The Grave
03. Mystery
04. The Heart
05. Bring You Home
06. These Are My Hands
07. Gravity
08. I Heard Your Singing
09. Take A Chance
10. Darling
11. Patiently Waiting
12. It's Only Love
13. Talk To Me

4/8/10 8:14PM

the 1st single is available to stream/download (from Bright Antenna's site, the label that's releasing it).

Bring You Home

a video I guess was made for that track as well. I like it, although it's just a short little diddy.

Also courtesy of A Good Day For Airplay

here's some of the new songs live.


May. 06 - Mississippi Studios ( Portland, OR )
May. 07 - WOW Hall ( Eugene, OR )
May. 08 - The Tractor Tavern ( Seattle, WA )
May. 11 - Walnut Room ( Denver, CO )
May. 14 - 7Th Street Entry ( Minneaplis, MN )
May. 15 - Empty Bottle ( Chicago, IL )
May. 17 - The Legendary Horseshoe Tavern ( Toronto, Canada )
May. 19 - Blind Pig ( Ann Arbor, MI )
May. 20 - Cambridge Room @ House Of Blues ( Cleveland, OH )
May. 21 - Rumba Cafe ( Columbus, OH )
May. 22 - Tin Angel ( Philadelphia, PA )
May. 24 - The Rock And Roll Hotel ( Washington, DC )
May. 25 - Bowery Ballroom ( New York, NY )
May. 27 - Paradise Rock Club ( Boston, MA )
May. 30 - The Evening Muse ( Charlotte, NC )
Jun. 01 - Vinyl ( Atlanta, GA )
Jun. 02 - WorkPlay Theatre ( Birmingham, AL )
Jun. 04 - The Prophet Bar ( Dallas, Texas )
Jun. 05 - Stubb’s BBQ ( Austin, Texas )
Jun. 08 - The Rhythm Room ( Phoenix, Arizona )
Jun. 10 - Cafe Du Nord ( San Francisco, CA )
2/27/10 10:08AM

a couple of notes about this. Vinyl & a Deluxe Edition are in the works. I haven't seen any other details really yet, but I would expect they will come out soon. Release date and things..my guess it'll be released sometime Late Spring/Early Summer (May-July-ish)

Jimmy is also playing at SXSW not surprisingly.

Bright Antenna here. We were listening to the vinyl master reference of Jimmy's new record yesterday, and, wow, if you don't have a turntable you should get one before this is released! It's like Jimmy is sitting in the room with you. Who out there is a vinyl fan? And Jimmy's will come with a download code for mp3s!

Working with Jimmy Gnecco on some additional material for the deluxe packaging.

2/8/10 11:41PM

Well here's a live video from The Mercury Lounge last Wednesday in NYC. The song "These Are My Hands" which I believe is the 1st single from this record.

More information about this record I gotta believe isn't far away as February was the original projection date. I don't think we're going to have a Mercy/Dancing For the Death... situation again given the label status.

bumpings will occur of course when info is available.

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