Sunday, December 28, 2008

Announcing some upcoming film reviews...

k, I am seeing the 1st 2 in the next few days, and the others I've seen recently or in the case of "Sex Drive" I recall in August. Yeah, they need reviewing, and I hope to quite soon. But of course my time doesn't allow them to fully yet. I will say, I can't claim I'd put any of them really in the class of "Slumdog Millionaire" nor "Synecdoche, NY" and probably not "Snow Angels," "Transsiberian," nor "Sleepwalking." However, every single one of them I liked and would recommend. The upcoming reviews for them should elaborate..

This was funny, albeit mostly slapstick biopic mockumentary. Meeting Bruce and the Q&A was half the fun.


A very

Really dug the action and perspective in this movie based on true events that occurred in England in the early 1970's. Saffron Burrows I knew from BOSTON LEGAL, and she's every bit as alluring and elegant in this. The gang members, the humor, and plotting between multiple factions into the ramifications of the actual Heist is what made it work well and kept you guessing until the end. I can't claim to have seen many if any other things Jason Statham has done, but I guess this was more plot/dialogue based for him, and he impressed enough. One of the better pictures of the year, that in retrospect, I wish I had caught in the theater now.


Maybe the best thing Will Ferrell has done. Other than OLD SCHOOL, nearly every thing he's starred in (and OS he was a support in fact) has not been too funny or any good really. But I'm not surprised this was good, since it was made by Marc Foster, who I liked both FINDING NEVERLAND and MONSTER'S BALL from. Emma Thompson and Queen Latifah are both as well. And while on paper it reminded me a helluva lot of THE TRUMAN SHOW, and I wouldn't go as far as to say I liked it as much as that movie; the plot and twists in the direction of the plot worked much better than I expected. Was he gonna die? Were he and the author possibly in the same world? It was a bit like Voodoo in a way I suppose. Sure, it wasn't that realistic, so I suppose you could sall this somewhat in the fantasy genre. It didn't really matter just based on intrigue on the story and where the characters were going. I also really liked Maggie Gyllenhaal. Verrry cute. I'd go for her baking me cookies any day : ).


I didn't have any interest in TWILIGHT, for the fact Mute Math had a song in the soundtrack. So I saw this instead. I liked this, but at the same time for a vampire picture, it didn't leave me that much satisfaction to be honest. The style and cinematography is nice. The acting is good enough; although generally foreign films have performances I appreciate more consistently. Maybe my biggest disappointment with this was how it was so subtle. The whole kids/vampire story almost always feels weird to me. Maybe based on the fact I like the whole lustful/romantic elements to vampire stories, I just couldn't fully embrace this thing.

The one really creepy moment does come towards the end when the vampire comes out of the dark so fast I jumped.

I guess with subtle, clever elements, I couldn't help but yearn for the very little-seen mini-series on the SCIFI Channel in the late 90's "Ultraviolet"..this movie seemed to tap into a bit of that vampire movie-that's-trying-to-hide-the-fact-its-one in that way, but I can't credit it for going far enough. However, I would recommend this still 100 times instead of the lovey-dovey melodramatic garbage that is TWILIGHT.


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