Thursday, December 4, 2008

2009 Album Anticipation List: a thought too...

2009 Album Anticipation List/Release Date Calendar

a note: 2008 has been a ton of fun, but also not entirely reciprocated on many of the forums and message boards about posting album after album with a list. So, that was an experiment that while saw some benefits I guess, probably is not worth repeating. At least to the extent of this year.

The rym thing, yeah that was fun and fine to do.

Cutting to the chase, what I propose my hope/plan to do for 2009 is just to keep that to a minimal or at least a lower frequency. Instead, I logically see transferring that work and effort here in this blog and fwd-ed to the other personal spaces I have online (myspace, cupid, etc).

What that will mean is this blog will be updated at a much higher frequency. And it may often be very vague, short, commentaries. Not that much different than Twitter actually.

I guess I'll see, but at least in that case, I won't have to go through the disappointment of many of the albums and bands not catching-on. Looking like a clueless fool bumping the topic multiple times in-a-row with little to no evidence of it doing any good.

Now, on to that current list of upcoming records for the final year (in the Christian Calendar) of this 1st decade of the 2000's. I.e. 2009.

Kevin Gilbert
Imogen Heap
Umphrey's McGee - Mantis
Modern Skirts - All of Us In Our Night (1/20/09)
Mastodon - Crack the Skye
Kiss Kiss - The Meek Shall Inherit What's Left (2/10/09)
Malajube - Labyrinthes (2/10/09)
In Vain (being mixed right now)
The Appleseed Cast - Sagarmantha (Feb)
Pure Reason Revolution - Amor Vincit Omnia (3/9/09)
dredg (3/24/09)
Local Natives - Gorilla Manor
The Dear Hunter - Act III
The Decemberists - Hazards of Love
Scott Matthews
Neverending White Lights - Act III
Orphaned Land -The Never Ending Way of ORwarriOR
Mute Math
Pain of Salvation
Dream Theater
Maudlin of the Well
Between Two Skies
Fair to Midland
House of Fools
Immortal Technique
Porcupine Tree
Between the Buried and Me
St. Vincent
The End
Born of Osiris
Sufjan Stevens
Greg Herriges
The Mars Volta
Jimmy Gnecco

this is a nice list. But based on what's happened in recent years, I could easily see

a) not all of these albums making out. Mind you, some of them is purely speculation and guess-work just based on their schedules and how many years it's been since their last full-length record.

b) My favorite or what I get most into/excited about next year ain't there at all. Why?..the surprise/unknown/newness of those bands and albums that come out of nowhere each year. So I'm more *anticipating* or looking fwd to [unknown band] most. Apes and Androids, Kaddisfly..those 2 among many speak for themselves.

My 2009 AOY it's quite possible, heck I'd say it's probable ain't there and ain't a band I either

a) know yet

b) am not that into yet...or thought were good once, but their recent stuff hasn't been as good to me.

I guess since 2009 albums have already started leaking..the hunt has already begun. I hope I find the next Apes and Androids they kind of saved, esp the 1st half of 2008 from being mediocre. I guess this blog will be like a little news service for that and all those others as I track my 2009 album of the year race.

In the mean time, yes the 2008 aoy's are not far away. Short little blurbs about most as I am meaning to try and do. With the looming deadline for 1 board being Dec 19th/20th..I am gonna try and get them posted there by next week if not earlier. So in here, the timing likely won't be too different.

Packing/Moving is important. But still there is.

Amanda Palmer and Bruce Campbell's new movie on Friday and then Bruce again on Saturday.

Dean Magraw with John Williams on 12/13.

Also a note: Golden Globe Nominations are 1-week from Thursday 12/11/08. Wouldn't it be funny if PUSHING DAISIES got some..wouldn't surprise me. And now it's 86'ed of course, lol. Let's hope no SAG-strike happens.

2 movies in the latest Landmark email I wanna see including the new Catherine Deneuve French family x-mas picture. The other one is about time travel I recall, but the name escapes me at the moment.

New/mid-season/cable tv shows of course too are coming up. With some time available..I plan to elaborate some on that list I posted not too long ago of those shows. I think having an actual schedule will help, so it won't likely happen until the 1st or even 2nd week of 2009.


Emo Paladin said...

You forgot Ours... and Neverending White Lights! ;)

Media Reviews said...

hey, you WERE RIGHT!..a New OURS Record should be out next year! Props!