Monday, February 5, 2024

"Top 10 (11) #dreamtheater SONGS @TheProgCorner's Sunday Prog Stream (2/4/24) #top10list #progmetal"


I'm not sure why my list wasn't mentioned or included with the Dream Theater Top 10 Songs here:
Did they or Scot not see my video? Forget? Forget the fact I wasn't able to make the stream per as I mentioned in the chat last weekend during the Kansas Stream (or maybe during the Vander Graaf Generator Stream the week before when Scot announced that and when the Dream Theater stream was happening).

I even replied both on twitter and facebook a few hours before the stream yesterday.

I've been a fan since 1995 and consumed Dream Theater's music religiously for well over 2 decades. I still do. I know their history extremely well.

Anyway, I guess I'm surprised they didn't mention (or play it on the Live Stream actually, it was only 11 minutes).  or my list video. I uploaded it 24 hours ahead of time. But I guess what can you do?