Sunday, February 11, 2024

2024 Rock Hall Nominations - Take/Rant

Given my lacking the ability to film videos for YouTube right now per the C-word in my house, impacting that.

I guess I'll offer up some rants about the 2024 Rock Hall Nominations:

2024 Rock Hall Nominations:…A Tribe Called Quest Jane's Addiction Ozzy Osbourne Cher Lenny Kravitz Sade Mary J. Blije Eric B. & Rakim Kool & the Gang Sinead O'Connor Peter Frampton Dave Mathews Band Foreigner Oasis Mariah CareyJan Wenner is gone, yet still no Monkees.WTF."Murphy Level Bullshit"

No Monkees..broken record of course. Wenner's supposed absence didn't seem to mean 
much if anything at this point.

Jane's Addiction I like. Three Days is prog for what it's worth. They were nominated a few years ago but didn't get in. I will be pretty surprised if they do get in, but if they do, I would happy.

Mariah, Sade, Lenny and even Kool & the Gang are all names my wife appreciates to different degrees.
Mary J Blije as well per she did a duet with George Michael among other things.

If any of them get in, I  will be happy to see it. Mariah I kind of think is the most likely. Kool & the Gang has been eligible for decades..pretty egregious..but there's many terrible cases of that like every year and there's a massive list of names who still haven't been nominated either as well (besides of course The Monkees).

Cher, Dave Mathews,..Frampton..Ozzy.

If Ozzy gets in, it is nice, but it is delaying other Metal bands from getting in. Maiden of course. Megadeth, Scorpions, Motorhead among some others. Even extend it out to Hard Rock.

Oasis I honestly couldn't care less about. I don't loathe them as much as some of the other 90's bands, but the 2 brothers have very unlike-able reputations.

Foreigner?, Styx, Boston, or TOTO even ...or even say SUPERTRAMP would mean a ton more to people. I don't maybe mind them. And REO Speedwagon or someone like Loverboy (or Air Supply?) in the sort of Corporate Pop/Rock.

My wife would be all for REO or Air Supply, and by comparison to Styx and Boston, she actually kind of like Foreigner. No care for the fact Ian McDonald of King Crimson was a founding member, lol.

But I guess Foreigner was blackballed by Wenner and maybe others years back, But the same has been said about both The Guess Who and Toto. So, why were Foreigner chosen instead of The Guess Who or Toto? Wenner hated all of them (Toto due Toto refused to be on the Rolling Stone cover I guess).

Cher?..she has said she would refuse induction. Dolly Parton said the same thing, but changed her mind, lol. Cher's been eligible since 1990, lol. I can take or leave her music. It's fine I guess if she gets in. I suppose someone like Barbara Streisand or Olivia Newton-John needs to be considered if Cher gets in. 

But what about Phil Collins?..when they started putting pop acts in about 12 years ago with Madonna..Whitney Janet and George Michael..Phil Collins has the resume to belong in just like those others. I know he's already in with Genesis, but they've had several other 2+ inductions before.

Once filming again on YouTube is possible again, I'll try and follow-up/rehash some of this on camera.