Wednesday, November 20, 2019

The Spirit of KEVIN GILBERT...

Happy Birthday.

Would have been 53 today.

Another incomplete entry this will be I'm sure.

But I think what James Bickers mentioned to me many years ago about "The Spirit of Progressive Music is in..." and he mentioned people like Mr. Bungle, Hal Ketchum and some others.

Well I am going to CONTEND, the SPIRIT of Kevin Gilbert is in maybe most if not all the music I enjoy. At least among the artists that have made music since he died in 1996.

In a sense, the whole progressive vs prog debate, or art rock.

Like being progressive without trying to be "progressive," but just being artsy and emphasis something beyond a cliche or is purely style with no substance (Taylor Swift?).

So the Spirit of Kevin Gilbert is in Vonavi, or in Pepe Deluxe, or in Long Distance Calling.

Kevin's spirit, or the spirit/approach/integrity and interest in doing things for art's sake, is in 100's of artists/bands, thousands of albums, and Hundreds of Thousands of Songs.

Also by the way, I suspect there's a good percentage of the Kevin fans who have NO IDEA what the reference is at 5:34-5:42 on here:

"Marc Bonilla and I used to jam on Monkees tunes just for fun." -Kevin Gilbert (11/20/66-5/18/96)