Saturday, November 30, 2019

A-Z: 100Ft Snowman

This band came on my radar I think in 2008 or maybe 2009.

They definitely go into the category of "what could have been."

A label offered them a deal, but the label would have taken like 80% of the revenue.

The 2 EPs they made are both really good. Excellent melodic, PCR. Prog sort of in the vein of The Mars Volta or Minus the Bear.

I dunno if there's been any chance of a reunion. I know 1 of the guys formed a band called "Zookeeper's Palace" (big Mew fans) if I recall correctly, they released at least 1 album that the guy kindly sent me a copy of (or maybe a d/l link? I forget). Unfortunately, like Hidden Hospitals and some others, I never could get into them, at least at that point.

But if 100Ft Snowman ever came back, I would be overjoyed.