Monday, December 24, 2018


Un-fucking-believable the trolls on Social Media.

If you want to know, just search "Vennart" on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter and likely many message boards like Reddit or 4Chan.

They come out in droves like vultures, commenting on things that have nothing to do with his music.

Hopefully it will die down, but scary, pathetic sheep who come across as incredibly reactionary racists.

They even commented on some of my Videos, which are deleted for now. If it gets worse, I may have to report them.

Feeding-trolls is not good practice, unfortunately Mike got caught on tape and it was shared. Hopefully the masses will weed this out like a blip on the radar.

But if I could say 1 thing to these imbeciles, shame the fuck on the you! and at of all times, the mother fucking holidays. Good lord...