Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Meaningful Songs: Prince - Computer Blue

Prince - Computer Blue

Ever since picking up the anniversary/deluxe edition of Purple Rain of  like a year and a half ago, and revisiting, remembering, learning about how amazing this track is.

I can say it is my favorite track now from Purple Rain, and it may be my favorite Prince song (from what I know.have heard which admittedly, isn't nearly as much as I should).

Why? I love the hook and the groove. The guitar solo almost sounds like a Satriani thing or something. It's Prince in some ways at his most technical or virtuosoic.

Or simply, it was 1 example of Prince doing prog, and yet it's on an album of pop hits oddly.

This tonight also was inspired by the 100th Episode of Black-ish homage to Prince.

But I still think this tune needs more love.