Thursday, March 22, 2018

Song for a Dead Friend

I don't want to pass along a ton of personal details about this, unlike say when I learned of James Bickers death or something.

But to at least add what and how I can, a classmate of mine from High School died recently. He was someone I knew, and hung out with occasionally.

He wasn't my closest friend, but at the same time, I knew him somewhat well, at times. And even just a few years ago I was contacted by him and we hung out 1 night.

Now, just as background, my High School was small, and my actual class/grade only had 49, so for the most part, everyone knew each other to a degree.

He was really the only one I even was in contact with from my class, and that was only back in 2014 when we did get in contact.

The more I think about it and remember things, the more I am feeling weird about someone I know being dead. I suppose he's not the only person I know dying, or even my age (at least 2 of my classmates from Grade School sadly, are also dead).

But I guess I am holding on to my memories of the times him and I spent together at least; many of which are in my memory, but I need more things to be jogged out to find. Probably paging through my yearbooks would do it, and maybe old photos. Unfortunately right now, that stuff is in storage, but probably wouldn't require a ton of time to track down at the storage space soon.

One other thing that I may or may not go through with, feeling today and recently, thinking about High School and the past, just about myself and my passion for music and things and THE CULTURE of friends I have kept, really since HS. It's a possible RANT or at least spilling of my guts, which may or may not be found to written about in here (there's other places for that kind of thing potentially).

But Rest in Peace old friend. Kevin Gilbert's sentiment with that song certainly fits how I'm feeling right now about him.