Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Short Update

-BTBAM/TDH/Leprous review? hopefully soon
-New Laptop?..not totally working out, per I struggle to type and thus BLOG with the cursor moving constantly, screwing up my text.

With the 1/2-foot of snow, my trip to the store I picked it up has been delayed. Hopefully by Saturday if not earlier.

-Been watching Bryan K Vaughan's Runaways adaptation on Hulu (thanks to a friend of the wife's again). Liking it, but the dialogue isn't as pop-culture filled or sarcastic as Y: The Last Man. Granted, BKV I don't think writes any of the screenplay or dialogue. I think he's just an Exec producer and Consultant. Also the fact I've never read them, and assumed they were more Superhero-y and Scifi-Drama like rather than the more character heavy YLM or even on Lost and Ex Machina. But the best news is YLM should be coming to FX from Eric Green (American Gods) sometime. But more info is needed about it.

-New Job duties has ended all listening at work to music, podcasts, video rips and even talk radio. Production Production Production and needing to focus, etc...hopefully it won't last forever.

YouTube/Podcasts and others..coming although with needing to do taxes, budget and finding a place to move to, who knows yet how much time I will be allowed in the coming weeks/months. Sucks even at my folks I can't per no internet or even tv until April 15th per they are in AZ and they shut their Comcrap bill off until then. I need a Hotspot I guess.