Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Dirt Poor Robins - The Raven Locks Act 3 (2016-2017)


I question, but I suppose I can say this may be down the road an exaggeration/premature.

But it very well may not be.

I came across this band on the facepalms forum the other day by a guy who loves The Dear Hunter, and in now looking, 1 of TDH groups on Facebook suggested them going back to last April.

Anyway, there's a lot to say, but the truth is as of right now, I've only heard this album, and only once. But my gawd, this is fucking awesome!

I would say, this might be the best band I've heard, for fans of The Dear Hunter since either Hotel of the Laughing Tree or The Family Crest (or The Reign of Kindo/Kindo I suppose).
The songwriting, melodies, concept, production, album composition, variety, thoughtful-ness, musicianship, vocal arrangements, use of chamber and orchestral parts.

Fuck, I may even start to feel about this band, like The River Empires.

I guess right now is a bit of a honeymoon, but it does kind of feel like hearing Hotel or TDH for the 1st time. Except they have 4 MORE ALBUMS I haven't heard yet, lol!

And their history goes back to 2007 with their 1st album, so they have been around basically as long if not longer than TDH.

Which is scary, and I suppose glad to find out. But my gawd, more people should know about them!

I may do a 2.0 or general entry about them soon per I mean to invest this week especially into at least the 3 The Raven Locks Act albums.

But I suppose to at least throw a bone or 2 just about Act 3 here,

Justice, Irony, Welcome to Lady Hell, Behold the Grave were among my early favorites. The female singer is wonderful, but the male singer also really works well with their music.

I may edit and/or add more about this album in that other entry, but I can definitely say, had I heard this album last year, it very likely would have been an AotY contender, lol. It impressed me THAT MUCH after only 1 listening.

Also they come from Louisville, KY, which I suppose isn't a place I know a ton of music from. The state of Kentucky in general. But it did make me think about Dream the Electric Sleep who do hail from Lexington, KY which I suppose may not be the same town, but I wonder if the 2 bands know eachother, or even ever played together or even could be on a tour together.

1 Great Vacation 4:47
2 Welcome to Lady Hell 3:48
3 Furthest Star 5:09
4 Wasteland 4:58
5 Justice 2:56
6 Woe to Me 2:29
7 Take Him Away 5:10
8 Irony 4:46
9 Behold the Grave 6:28
10 Librarium 2:21
11 Paper Dolls 3:33
12 We Forgot We Were Human Reprise 3:17