Thursday, November 9, 2017

Audio Recordings for YouTube? (All Media Reviews Podcast)

edit: unfortunately, my address in ebay hadn't been updated since I moved, and the recorder shipped to my old apartment ironically. Hopefully it'll be forward-ed to my current address in the next day or 2.

So however short or long this will be, here's the deal.

When I moved out of my apartment back in July, I obviously found myself challenged as to not only when but WHERE I might be able to make YouTube Videos, at least in the short term.

So it just occurred to me, giving Podcasting another shot might make sense again. And this time, to use YouTube, at least initially as my hosting site.

PODCASTING: My history is basically this.

In 2006 or 2007? I tried making audio recordings with an iRiver I had with a microphone. Similar to some of the Man-on-the-street recordings and even interviews I had done years before, for KFAI and just for my own documentation/future nostalgia and boredom, etc.

But it never really went anywhere, largely per I wanted to use music, but of course the issues of copywright and file-sharing, etc. So I never did use music, but found it was more work than I wanted using Audacity software.

I recall making little recordings for the "All Media Reviews Essentials" which I forget the hosting site I used now. But those were short-lived for maybe a year/year-and-a-half.

Psych Fans Podcast/Psychic Crapfest: Of course my friend John and some others did make this podcast with the microphones on my PC and Audacity software, which was fun, albeit troublesome and tedious among other issues. The quality of the sound was hit and miss, although it wasn't at least for a lack of effort. In the end, we did make a Podcast for nearly every  episode, but most of them are not available now. Had I thought about it, YouTube or maybe even would have been a better platform, but that would not have mattered a ton per the low-fi fidelity of them, and just the way we did them. I would imagine our podcast could have found more of a following though. And I've thought for a few years, to when the time may be available, to try and upload them to YouTube now. (or and/or as well).

Epic Rock Talk: This was a Podcast that I tried doing with some friends, That Drummer Guy (Josh Rundquist) and some others, often at KFAI. They were as the title said, "Epic" i.e. 2-3 hour recordings just shooting-the-shit about music I and Josh and the others on there, were into. Going down to KFAI, at the time, seemed like a reasonable thing to try and do, but it increasingly became more difficult with schedules and what not. Plus, I feel terrible about this, but I felt like I talked too much, which I had a bad habit about, especially about music. And I was so bad about rattling off names of bands, that the listener might have grown frustrated if/when they heard them.

I think a return to this could happen, but I think it may have to be done like Pardon the Interruption on ESPN2 where each guest has like 1.5 minutes to speak and then a bell goes off. I dunno. Josh and I do enjoy chatting about music, obscure music of course. I just find when we made these, he should have done more speaking and me less, even if it means giving some kind of time limit.

But this will likely only happen when time becomes more available. Possibly through Skype and/or on his radio show. But he's so busy with those, I don't know when that will come. It might want to be just an ANNUAL or BI-ANNUAL thing, given 1 or 2 times a year, we could plan it in advance.

So I posted this on FB a bit ago.

Audio Recordings for YouTube? = i.e. a Podcast likely only shared on YouTube.
Just purchased (arrival pending) a fairly inexpensive hand-held digital recorder which I am looking to use for these.
more in the blog in a bit...

The whole point being, my absence from YouTube may not need to continue so much given it is largely due to where to film, and the amount of time it can take between setting up, recording, watching the recording (and making sure it looks and sounds okay, and often I don't say something that I wished I hadn't or can't remember something I couldn't remember, etc), and then uploading with the all the tags and everything.

By making AUDIO only recordings, some of that time-consuming process is removed/reduced. And of course WHERE I record isn't so dependent on what it looks like.

Plus, the recordings can and are often anticipated/expected to be longer. How much longer? I dunno, but at least a 30 minute audio recording is smaller in size and very likely will take less time to upload onto YouTube.

So the hope is, to try and make a Audio Recording/Podcast more regularly, such as once a week or maybe more often. They may be made in the car like I've tried to do with Videos. It may be in some other places.

And they may be short or long, not sure.

My only real hope is to make them and in some ways, organize them. Have a few things written down or pulled up in my Laptop to go over.

I may still forget things, which, yeah, I very likely will. Or say a thing or 2, a name, fact, date, etc that is off, but I can imagine the ability to remake or even possibly edit it out will be easier/quicker than on Video.

What this means for Video? I still plan to make them, and of course show Vinyl and cds, etc, but I am hoping until I find a regular location to do that (when the wife and I find a new place to live?), these audio/podcast version of my activity on YouTube can fill that void.

In looking back on it, I do really wish I had considered this years ago. Sure, they may come across as Babble-fests or Diarrhea-of-the-mouths, but I have noticed with YouTube and even now, compared to 5-10 years ago, using Social Media, you can reach more people potentially than back then, which gives me encouragement.

When will they start? if the Recorder arrives in the mail by say Monday, I could see trying to make 1 or 2 even next week, if not sooner.