Tuesday, November 21, 2017

All Media Reviews Podcast 1

not incredible, but for a 1st attempt, it didn't come out too poorly.

My biggest issue though is not being able to upload it ON YOUTUBE, lol.

So I'm using a 3rd party site to be able to upload an audio-only file with a pic.

I'm sure this will become 2nd nature, the more I do it. And I will say, it took almost no time to upload.

A lot of what I talked about is just rehash of stuff in here, but of course many people who may find the video/podcast don't read this blog religiously, etc.

But, trial and error, etc..

I did come up with 1 possible schedule, on the 1 day I may go out for work, to get gas or to the storage space, I could easily take 10-20 mins hanging out in the car after consuming my lunch and make these. The car being the only planned, private place to record these at this point, etc.

I may consider renaming/naming this podcast or that weekly thing like
"The Weekly Music at Lunch Podcast"  or "The Lunch Podcast" or something, lol.

The Albums of the Year though, per I can see it going well over 30 minutes, may not be do-able during my lunch break.,