Thursday, June 1, 2017

The Beatles - Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Giles Martin Remixes)

50 Years Ago today, June 1st 1967, Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band was released by The Beatles.

A landmark record that opened up the flood gates for modern music, rock and roll, and THE ALBUM FORMAT in general.

And now The Beatles have released a Deluxe/Anniversary REMIX version in a huge Boxed Set, etc.

And 1 I may have to pickup soon. But in the mean time, I am finding means to check it out online. And as I the other day posted on Facebook

The Beatles Sgt Pepper's Giles Martin remix is pretty surreal to hear. It sounds like if the album were recorded last week as opposed to 50 years ago.
I can't help but wonder what other records, namely from a similar period, would sound like with similar treatment.

And I'm listening to these again today, back-to-back, track-by-track with the 2009 Remaster/Reissue that I can conclude is in Mono, like many older recordings.

But even beyond the fact the 2017 Giles Martin (George's Son of course) remixes are in Stereo, there is A LOT MORE to them. They sound much more FULL and LAYERED.

Many sections are heavily BOOSTED to the point on the 2009 version you could barely hear them.

And this mind you is listening WITH HEADPHONES ON. Which frankly, can make a very big difference.

I guess I sort of feel like this is Sgt Pepper's reborn, recaptured, touched up, etc and clarity sounds incredible. Almost like they were playing these songs right in front of me live at times.

I suppose some songs differ in the changes than others. "When I'm 64" I suppose just sounds a little boosted. There aren't huge amounts of tracks brought up or anything.

But like "Being for the Benefit of Mr.Kite" and "Within You Without You," 2 of my favorites on Sgt Pepper's really sounds fresh and modern in the up-ing of the levels and clarity.

I can't imagine what many other records from this period of time (late 60's, maybe up through the mid 70's) might sound like with this level of mix improvement.

Now I suppose many prefer the original mixing and even just in Mono, for nostalgia and just wanting it to exist from the time it was made. Myself? I dunno now. This may not hold up over time and I'll just feel the album is still best as it always was, in the original mix. But regardless, this is something cool to check out in the short term for this album and hopefully others (just Abbey Road alone makes me awfully curious).