Saturday, June 3, 2017

Red Planet with Bill Carrothers - Red Planet with Bill Carrothers (2016-2017)

So this new album was released on April 14, 2017. I just noticed Dean Magraw post about it today on Facebook.

I likely would have known about it a little while ago per just seeing him at Black Dog Cafe in Lowertown St.Paul on the 1st Tuesday of each month, but for many reasons, really since my wedding back in September, I haven't been able to go. Maybe 2 or 3 times from memory, and I think the last was in March.

Anyway, so I immediately ordered a CD copy per the bandcamp link below which also included a Digital Download of course. And I gave it a go today.

Fantastic in a lot of places.

Jazzy, Jazz-Fusion? Jazz-Rock even at points., "Living Space" is awesome. "La Luna" "Ann R Chi Suite" among others caught my attention. "Unseen Rain" is another. slower, but still highly mesmerizing.

I adore the debut album from Red Planet Space Dust from 2009. Live record, but one of the best live records I've ever heard.

This album is mostly studio recordings. Which it is the 3-piece Red Planet of Dean Magraw (Guitars) Chris Bates (Upright Bass), Jay Epstein (drums). But of course per the title, it is a collaboration with jazz pianist Bill Carrothers, whose a name I know, but can't claim to cite anything specific. But I recall he's well respected in the Jazz world, etc.

But I can definitely see going back to this record a fair amount as I enjoyed a lot of it already. And it kind of fills my Dean Magraw-void of late, as some of the stuff reminds me of the interpretations of Coltrane, Mingus, etc I see him, Davu Seru and others perform once a month at the Dog.

Although the lineup is different, the Dean Magraw vibe is very present of course, including some sweet acoustic guitar layering. And the other Red Planet guys stand out, almost in new ways. Some brush work from Jay Epstein at times, but still some incredibly busy playing as I love from him.

And certainly Carrothers adds a lot to this. So much so, I would be very curious to see him live with Red Planet, timing allowed of course (which may not be in my cards, or even to see Dean this coming Tuesday).

1. Ann R Chi Suite 09:19
2. Big Nick 05:24
3. Come Dance With Me 03:28
4. Unseen Rain 06:24
5. Living Space 08:33
6. Music Is a Weapon of Hope and Healing 05:18
7. La Luna 08:08
8. Freedom For the Broken 02:11
9. Reflections 06:53
10. Think of One 04:35