Saturday, June 24, 2017

Hotel of the Laughing Tree - Hotel Junk Box (2016-2017)


Release date as it says below is Friday June 30th.

A few months back, they shared the new song "Electric City Rivalry" which can be streamed/downloaded at

And as the track list shows for Hotel Junk Box below, is part of this record.

I am biased as I love these guys and a great number of their songs. And namely, consider Terror and Everything After as an all-time classic (debut album). So naturally, my interest is rather high for any new music from them. 2015's New World Sundown I did like a good amount of as well of course.

I guess though my take on what this album may be is sort of a combination of music from different times. Kind of like Enchant's Time Lost or even Nuts and Bolts from Kevin Gilbert in some ways.

The 5 new songs, including "Electric City Rivalry," I see is where HOTLT is at now.

The b-sides and demos? sure, some gems may be found.

One song that I likely posted in the past about in here, but is probably worth mentioning again being "Son of the Iron Sheep" can be streamed and downloaded on their Bandcamp Page Here. I recall loving a ton and felt was as good as much of the Terror and Everything After work.  That track is not on this album, however, per the post below, "Boomerang" is.

I just recall between adding "Weather Maps for Nikolai" and "Son of the Iron Sheep" I was totally thinking these guys could do no wrong. And those were all during that period, which is why "Boomerang" may be the track I'm most looking forward to on this album,

But, we'll see how this goes. I'm certainly excited to get all these new tunes to hear from these guys, and as the end of that post says, they are working on their next record, which I wonder if the 5 new songs on Hotel Junk Box fit more in with this approach/style, and their next release will be something a little different? who knows. I'm also just happy they are still releasing and making music (per many other very talented bands not able or even wanting to, etc).

I'll also be sure to bump this next week or a little later with any more thoughts (or a video?). Unfortunately, I'm still amidst the process of moving my stuff into storage. My Social Media presence isn't 100%, etc. Hopefully come July though I will have more time.  But from now until as it turns out, July 3rd 6AM, I am supposed to be focusing on Boxing things up, purging, cleaning, etc.

Moving is a bitch of course.

Our new album, 'Hotel Junk Box', will arrive 6/30. The album features five new songs, as well as 14 rarities and b-sides from the Hotel vault. We wanted to compile a lil somethin' for all you cats who have been around since the beginning. The majority of these rarities have never been released. The five new jams were recorded over the past year or so, featuring AJ, Brandon, Dan A., Dan B., Jon, and Justin. Fevers and Electric City were written during the Old Dominion era, Boomerang was a Terror leftover, The Fool was a New World Sundown leftover, and The Escape Artist dates way back to '06. We 2017ified them and we're really proud with how they turned out. We hope you guys enjoy the tunes. In the meantime, we'll keep working on LP5. 

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1. Fevers
2. Electric City Rivalry
3. Boomerang
4. The Fool
5. The Escape Artist
6. Duo (Demo)
7. Bad Canterbury (Live Workshop Demo)
8. Aging Archimedes (Acoustic Demo)
9. Make Waves (Demo)
10. The General's Girl (Acoustic Demo)
11. Lazarus (Demo)
12. Howlin' Lessons (Acoustic Demo)
13. Winterside (Live Demo)
14. Temple Arms (Acoustic Demo)
15. Omar the Tentmaker
16. The Guns of Soho (Instrumental)
17. Winchester Devil Grass (Demo)
18. Weathermaps for Nikolai (Live at Nice Garage)
19. Arts n Economics (Live at Nice Garage)