Monday, May 8, 2017

"Bohemian Rhapsody" Film casts Rami Malek (per November 2016)

I know this is kind of old news as I alluded to from the copied/pasted forum post I made a bit ago.

But this guy, Rami Malek is going to play Freddie? I guess if it got the Queen guys approval...I mean they are having Adam Lambert as well (and Paul Rodgers a few years back), so I guess a skeptical casting can't be shocking.

And I imagine it can't be any worse than Penn Badgley playing Jeff Buckley.

But, it goes back to, if you're going to do it, get the right person for the role. And they obviously waited for many years here given how long Sacha Baron Cohen was attached to this thing. 10 years maybe or more.


I suppose I don't want to fully judge a book by its cover. I may not care for him in Mr.Robot (which honestly, has become more popular than Psych probably, which is baffling. At least from an Awards standpoint. Probably because it's a drama. But it has Christian Slater even, a guy who seemed cursed with tv shows for many years. They always got canceled. Emmy/Globe? lol..never. But only since Tony Shaloub and Monk, has a  USA Network show/actor received so much attention, whereas year after year it seemed Psych and Roday deserved recognition and NEVER did.).

And he has a somewhat prolific career that goes back to Glmore Girls in 2004, so maybe this will surprise me.

But on the surface, I still wonder if there was someone else who would make more sense.

Maybe they won't fuck up the Syd Barrett and Keith Moon biopics that are also long overdue.

just saw Rami Malek,  the lead actor from USA Network's show "Mr. Robot" on Stephen Colbert. And I know it's kind of old news (November), but they talked about him starring as Freddie Mercury in "Bohemian Rhapsody" the Freddie biopic; the one that Sacha Baron Cohen was attached-to for a long time, but ultimately dismissed.

I honestly am not all that crazy about this casting, really, not any more than Sacha Baron Cohen. I suppose his height might be closer to Freddie's (SBC was WAY too tall), but he doesn't look all that much like Freddie (loosely, his dimples and facial expressions I guess I can see); I guess once they show some production pics, maybe that could help. 

But I'm still skeptical as I don't find Rami Malek all that amazing in the clips I've seen from Mr.Robot and some of his other work (Short Term 12, I honestly didn't find his character all that memorable in just revisiting some clips online).