Friday, July 15, 2016

Pain of Salvation Documentary (Webisodes, shot from 2007-2014)

7/15/16 9:15AM

Just to bump this as the entire Season 1 is now up, and I am trying to catchup fully with it. A lot of the telling of what the band went through and how difficult it is to keep a band together, etc.

Kind of sympathizing more with Daniel than I may have expected.

Once I have finished it and/or more is put up, I'm sure I'll bump it again. Right now I'm in the middle of 2008.

Also it is clear the editors/filmmakers have had to do a lot of work with subtitles, which I totally applaud them as I'm sure it's not easy, both in terms of translating (and hearing what exactly is said) and just the editing-in, etc. 

Also it is quite odd seeing Daniel and the other guys speak in their native tongue, as I can only claim to remember the dialogue on 12:5 not in English from them.

6/7/16 8:39PM

Facebook Page

So this documentary has been in the works for a number of years. The write up on that website and even in the 1st Webisode, says/shows they shot footage with Daniel and the band from 2007-2014.

Kind of ironic timing, but maybe the most dramatic in a lot of ways with the band membership and stylistic changes musically around those times.

This should be fun to see, and for the filmmakers, I'm sure it's great to finally share this stuff after all these years and work.

The 1st webisode is subtitled in English, which I imagine much if not all of these Webisodes will be. Odd for me seeing Daniel talk in his native tongue, but so be it.

I'm not sure, but a new Webisode may show up every week or 2, so I'll try and bump this entry. Kind of reminds me of that The Receiving End of Sirens documentary series from last year, which from memory, I'm not sure if the last part every got shared.

Not documentary-style, but as the titles says, a live performance in November of 2011? Fredrik and Johan Hallgren were still in the band, so that makes sense.