Saturday, July 30, 2016

Fates Warning - Theories of Flight (2015-2016)

7/30/16 12:00AM

It just made an enormous jump on their chart, up to #5

I thought it would go up, but not THAT much. I'm both a bit shocked and also giddy to wonder what the hipsters, many of whom I imagine have never even heard their name, will think, lol.

I've said it a lot recently, but it bares repeating, it is a GOOD time to be a Fates Warning fan!

I am going to have to look at some of the new ratings just to watch for those Radiohead and for that matter, Swans fans who may feel threatened by it (or even the new Vektor album? lol).

6/24/16 6:45AM

"White Flag" play through video below.
Um, great track. I've now finally heard this record like many, and I'll share a couple of things I did on Social Media./rym/forums yesterday about it.

this album's a monster. The 1st 4 tracks are perfect. "The Light and Shade of Things" is among the best pieces they've (Jim Matheos) has ever composed.
As a longtime fan(boy), I can't get enough of this record right now.

the new Fates Warning album Theories of Flight is a monster. I'm really enjoying it.

Theories may become really addictive. the 1st 4 tracks have this great, *FW-energy* to sound sort of cheesy.  I feel like I'm listening to an album that sounds like Parallels, APOSG, Disconnected and XV yet is very modern

I'll probably make a video review time permitting (maybe on a Tuesday in early July?). But as a huge fan, I'm really happy to hear such a great new record from a favorite band of mine.

  6/3/16 6:25AM

1st single "From the Rooftops"

5/26/16 11:40AM


Fanboy bias included, I'm liking these clips, although I'm not sure if I am hearing tons of new things. If anything, it's more calling back to the past, but may end up being for the best anyway.


4/23/16 7:46PM


July 1st Release Date (Insideout).

Stoked. Although interesting to notice the track list. I recall a recent interview with Joey Vera talking about how this new album could have 1 or 2 extensive epics (like 15 mins?) but it appears there's 2 10 minute pieces. Maybe they decided to re-arrange them or something.

Regardless, Fates Warning are an all-time favorite band of mine, and I am highly anticipating this one, like the Pain of Salvation and Marillion albums among other long time favorite bands of mine releasing new albums soon.

b-mouth story with quotes from the band

Fates Warning - Theories of Flight.jpg
CD 1 – Main Album:
1. From The Rooftops (06:52)
2. Seven Stars (05:33)
3. SOS (04:34)
4. The Light And Shade Of Things (10:14)
5. White Flag (05:20)
6. Like Stars Our Eyes Have Seen (05:13)
7. The Ghosts Of Home (10:31)
8. Theories of Flight (04:00)

CD2 – Acoustic Bonus Disc:
1. Firefly (03:15, previously unreleased)
2. Seven Stars (04:25, previously unreleased)
3. Another Perfect Day (03:25, previously unreleased)
4. Pray Your Gods (03:45, Toad The Wet Sprocket cover version)
5. Adela (02:25, Joaquin Rodrigo cover version)
6. Rain (04:03, Uriah Heep cover version)