Monday, October 19, 2015

Protest the Hero: Song of the Month on Bandcamp (for 6 mos)

So basically this is Protest the Hero doing the same thing 3 did in 2014 (for awhile at least) and Timmy Sean has done this past year.

I'm likely to wait and see about this, but ultimately I likely will go with this. I just may wait a few months before listening to these songs for this EP of a sort.

Writeup below is part of it. There's a silly video of course linked on the bandcamp link as well.

Ragged Tooth (with subscription)

If you know a bit about our band, you probably know that we like to stir the pot. We value that our fans have come to expect the unexpected from us. Realistically, we don't even know what to expect anymore. The one thing we do expect though is that no idea is too big or too scary to take on - and this big old idea has been impending for quite some time now.

The original dream was to create a subscription-like platform for our music where "subscribers" could enjoy the scheduled arrival of a new protest the hero tune every month, on the same day, at the same time! While we battled with the logistics of launching such a beast, Bandcamp came along and pretty much nailed it. So here we are!

We believe this to be a sustainable model for what we do and a wonderful and honest way of getting more music made for you all. We hereby decree our collective commitment to releasing a song a month for the next 6 months. Like Rody mentioned in the video, think of it as an EP spread over six months....just way friggin' better.

"How is it friggin' better?" you are undoubtedly asking yourself.

Here's the thing: we have done the full-length album and ensuing record cycle four times now. While they all had their benefits, they all dragged on. Most record cycles are at least 2 years. That's two years of promoting 40-or-so minutes of music. Music that you may have written two years before that! We have never been able to release what we want to release NOW. So that's exactly what this is. These are songs we love now, songs we are proud of now, and songs which are inherently more candid than our other material. Don't get us wrong, this is very much the pth you either know and love or know and hate. If you like what we do, we are pretty sure you are going to dig this crap. I guess we'll let these little lullabies speak for themselves...

Anywho - by subscribing to "Pacific Myth", you will get a brand new PTH song a month as well as access to all the content we've collected along the way. It will include pictures, journals, lyrics, musical transcriptions, samples of music to come and some rookie-edited videos to keep you either entertained or appalled while you wait for the next month's material.

Thanks for reading, listening and watching our careers thus far. Know that absolutely none of these projects would be possible without you. We dig ourselves further in your debt with each signup!

Yours Restlessly,