Tuesday, October 27, 2015

OT: Ma

This is totally Off-Topic and normally would be found in the Non-Music blog, but given that other blog somewhat dormant state, and not really needing this to be found for the music consumers, I'll include this in here:

I'm probably  not in the right mind to write, right now, what I may write at some point about my grandmother (or mean to write, but I may not get around to it, at least in here necessarily).

But my Grandmother passed away today due to unforeseen complications from a form of surgery involving her heart. I guess it involved her blood pressure and some other issues. Anyway, but she was 92.

I was just telling my fiancee, this is the 1st time in my life without a grandparent (or great-grandparent) alive now. There's more to that, and what seems like this period of time with people dying (although admittedly, more of the celebrities, or people I only knew vaguely. But as another example, my ex-supervisor Deb, of 6+ years just died a couple of months ago in June as well as Ma's sister-in-law my Aunt Joan).

I have like a bazillion memories, that I'm sure over the next few days especially, and then weeks, months and years will come back about Ma and the time I spent with her.

But for now, I guess I can just say she lived a full life in the 92+ years she was around.

From the frequent events at Oakridge Country Club (swimming in the pool as a kid, and Bingo when I was older), and the time in Scottsdale, AZ, and here. Even our time at the Cabin back in the 80's-mid 90's. And spending time as a kid at my grandparents, watching Cable TV (my parents didn't have Cable when I was a kid) and sleeping over with my brother at their place in St.Louis Park. For example, in the morning, getting to have sugar cereal for breakfast (my folks wouldn't let us have sugar cereal often as a kid). She would always pour the exact amount of milk for the cereal bowl in a cup, and leave it in the fridge the night before.

I may just edit some stuff in here in the next few days, especially given with her funeral and Shivas, and a lot of the people I'll see over the next few days. Although she and my grandfather were rather extensively connected, including a ton of cousins that do not live in Minnesota.

And the sudden timing of this, likely won't have a lot of them travel in town for this, but some still may beyond the immediate family.

I dunno, funerals are weird, and something I don't think I'll ever get used to or know what to anticipate really. But the sad reality that I'm having a hard time facing is the reality of I will be experiencing many of them over the coming years given how much family I and my fiancee have that are well aged.

But then again, I was maybe closer to Ma than any of my grandparents, even though I hate to compare as I loved them all equally, including my grandfather Papa who I only knew to an extent being that I was pretty young when he died in the mid 80's, and he was stricken with MS and I imagine impacted his ability to communicate his personality fully at that point. My brother and I really know more about him from the stories and even through other family members.

But I suppose per him being gone and Ma lived for so many years after, I and my brother especially bonded with her more so. I'm not sure.