Thursday, April 23, 2015

Ours: Special Limited Quantity New Album Preorder

It  includes the signed cd and the documentary and some other little perks. And only a quantity of 300 as it says.

At least the hardcore, passionate fans like myself, this seems like something not to pass up.

Pre-Order a Signed and Numbered copy of the next OURS CD! 

You will also receive:

digital download of the new record
OURS rub off decal
a behind the scenes documentary of making the record
* There has never been any footage released of OURS in the recording studio.

Note:  This is a pre-order for the record OURS is about to make.  Orders will be shipped two weeks prior to the release date. You will receive an email once your order has been shipped.  

There's a few other details about Ours that are worth adding however.

-This is the 1st of I forget, but a handful of 1-week only-available new special sale items. Some of the people on the fans forum wondered about the Sour demo which is kind of a Holy Grail of sorts if/when it ever could get officially released.

-Also Jimmy just launched "Echowing"

which is a recording studio among other things, that will not only be used for Jimmy and Ours recording, but also other artists. Plus I guess it is a space for live shows, perhaps on a regular basis to stream as well.

So it's official. Our own place where we will record our music, and I can help other artists to develop their talent and their sound!!! This will be a place of love, and inspiration where we can come together to experience the amazing power of music. Sounds all hippy, but it's what I truly believe. More than ever I feel like it's important to come together as musicians and artists, inspire one another, and work on our craft. Technology is amazing, but it cannot replace the human element. I believe that when musicians work on their craft and then come together and put themselves into the performance, that is where the magic exists. No computer can ever make up for that. I will do my part here in this new space to help others prepare for exactly that. Playing live, and capturing the human spirit in a recording. It's not rocket science, but it is a science, and one that is slipping away. I am going to do what I can to preserve it. I'll keep you all posted on any and all details, and events in this new venture. EchoWing is born.

-Ours is taking out The School of Rock on tour

OURS Summer Tour

And as far as this album, My fanboy-kool-aid drinking take included, I'm rather excited to hear a lot of the recordings of many new songs, just based on that internet stream Jimmy did last month.

Some of the songs from a topic on the fans forum were:

Fallen Flower
New Age Heroin
Miles Away
Ring the Bell/When the Daylight Comes
Cry No More
Got a Feeling
Burn Down the Night