Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Vuvuzela - Hollow Choir (2012)

9/25/12 11:58PM

1 Our Ghosts 4:31
2 Star Shoes 2:50
3 Sylvia 2:54
4 Rings and Things 2:53
5 The New 4:30
6 Distracted Eyes 2:33
7 Like A Lion 3:10
8 The Hollow Choir 3:39

(track list info is from a promo that Motor Oat Records kindly sent to me to review, which should come soon as I'm already enjoying this album a fair amount just streaming on my pc speakers)

Release date is October 23rd on Motor Oat Records

"Using a clever story Waltz/Prog band Vuvuzela announce the date for their upcoming release."


"Rings and Things" is pretty sweet. Rather Kiss Kiss-like, but with piano and other chamber instruments. Damn, I'm a bit more intrigued by this album now.

5/1/12 12:00PM

Band meeting today to start making plans for the release of our 1st lp "The Hollow Choir."

What was going to be a debut EP, has become a full-length debut record from among others, Kiss Kiss /Solo artist Josh Benash.

This also of course was helped/supported by a successful Kickstarter campaign last August.

Stylistically, from hearing what I have (which is not a ton), they are somewhat of a Chamber/acoustic group, using minor keys, and featuring harp? and other strings. I'm not even sure how much vocals they use, but my memory of that is a little cloudy.

the Kickstarter campaign had a video with some of that, which can be viewed here.

more to add in due time. But I'm pretty excited to check this out, now after 9 or so months (or more, since I heard about them probably around the 2010 CMJ Festival).

Also to add the fact Josh's solo record is pretty sweet, and of course his past work with Kiss Kiss.