Thursday, September 6, 2012

Local Natives interviewed by Shitfork Media

Well as much as it pains me to cite Pukefork, I want to pass this interview along.

1) Because I'm a huge fan of Local Natives (and Cavil at Rest) and this Blog's history more or less gives a ton of evidence of that. And LONG before Pitchfork or more or less anyone outside of a few circles (absolutepunk?) and their hometown, knew them.

2) They have been awfully quiet, and perhaps for the better. But this is the 1st semblance of information about their 2nd album.

3) All the Fleet Kittens and Grizzly Cubs fans will be silenced when this record finally does drop.

The interview does talk about how different, and heavy/heavier? this album may be. The stuff they have been listening to? Dylan, Paul Simon, Cocteau Twins, respectable, but definitely not necessarily vastly different or heavier than their previous sound.

It does say this album is expected to come out early 2013. "Early" may mean May, or may mean like February. When that release date comes out and other information about it is announced, of course I'll try and post it in here as soon as I can.

I do wonder a bit about the Hipsters. If they forgot about these guys. But it is good regardless, because when they started to blow up, I felt a bit left out, so if they became more of a cult band again, I might be happy. And if they get bigger, well, they likely will be around still. Although who knows if their music will be as good (seen it many times, but I want to believe it doesn't matter. Kelcey's mom sadly, even just passed away, so inspiration certainly wouldn't seem to be lacking).