Thursday, September 1, 2011

Kimbra - Vows (2011)

1. Settle Down 4:17
2. Cameo Lover 4:03
3. Two Way Street 4:29
4. Old Flame 4:27
5. Good Intent 3:32
6. Plain Gold Ring 4:03
7. Call Me 4:32
8. Limbo 3:52
9. Wandering Limbs 5:27
10. Withdraw 4:06
11. The Build Up 8:21

I've been wanting to write something about her, pretty much when I started listening and then sharing the video for Gotye's "Somebody That I Used to Know" a couple of weeks ago. And I finally got to hear this debut LP from her this week and am still digesting much of it. But if I manage to add to this entry at some point, I'm just going to give some initial thoughts.

Kimbra (or Kimbra Johnson) is a new, young singer/songwriter from New Zealand (edit: I guess I assumed she was from Australia. Then again, Gotye is originally from Belgium, nationalities can easily be mistaken).. And there's been much anticipation for this debut album of hers I guess, for even many years. I suppose in many ways, she does remind me of among others, 2010's great discovery artist in Janelle Monáe. But also the style of her music on this album does share things in common with Ms. Monáe. The genre blending, passion, and soulfulness in her vocals especially. The depth and flow of this record. And maybe most of all, she doesn't really come across as another pop-diva (which is what I initially pegged Janelle as). A few other names that I'll admit I'm reminded of that come to mind might be Imogen Heap or St.Vincent in a way as well. Heap perhaps in the use of textures.

Specific songs? I don't skip any track at this point, but perhaps the last 3 tracks "Wandering Limbs" "Withdraw" and "The Build Up/Somebody Please" have stood out the most. "Wandering Limbs" features a male singer named Sam Lawrence, who'll I can't deny, I thought was Daniel Johns from Silverchair/Dissociatives. I suppose like Kimbra in the Gotye song, maybe I should inquire about his music as well.

 But this is definitely an album I anticipate listening to a fair amount over the next few weeks or more, as I keep enjoying more things about it. Very much of an album-lover's album, like The Archandroid and some others. And while I am still enjoying Gotye's new record Making Mirrors, I guess I can already say right now, this is at least a bit better. Although I'd be surprised if I'll find any 1 song as good as "Somebody I Used to Know."