Friday, September 16, 2011

Ne Obliviscaris - TBA (2011)

9/16/11 8:35AM

rather promising, but still not 100% certain update (no title, track list, label, release date YET.)

Just got an email from Jens Bogren saying that our album should be ready to master on Monday or Tuesday! FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8/29/11 9:17AM

I'm bumping this entry mainly due to how frequently over the last couple of months the band have been posting on facebook. It sounds like mixing on the yet to be announced-titled debut album should be finished this week.

And presumably, the obvious details about it should come soon after, probably most importantly, how and when it'll be released. Given the frequency and that stuff could come so soon, the odds seem good it'll be released by the end of the year (mid-November likely). If not, sometime in early 2012 (like many others it sounds like).

But for now, it's good to get down the anticipation of this long-awaited information rather soon; esepcially given everything they've gone through and how good this record could potentially be. The Aurora Veil ep/demo is *that* good itself.

5/2/11 1:24PM

Facebook Announcement


Hey everyone,

Well we are very excited to say that the Ne Obliviscaris album has finally been completed (!) and is being sent off to Fascination Street Studios, Sweden TODAY to be mixed and mastered by one of the world's best metal producers/engineers JENS BOGREN… who some of you may know through his work with such amazing bands as Opeth, Katatonia, Ihsahn, Amon Amarth & Devin Townsend! The album couldn't be in better hands. To finally have this album fully recorded is an amazing feeling. We have had more set backs than we could possibly imagine and it has definitely been tough for us to stay positive all the time, but we thank you all for your continued support and patience. Hopefully when this album is finally released you feel it was worth the wait.

In other news, we recently uploaded a short album teaser to youtube here:

This is the unmixed intro from the song ‘And Plague Flowers The Kaleidoscope’ which will feature on the album. Make sure you go check it out, and hopefully we’ll have some more stuff to show you shortly.

In regards to our lead guitarist, Benjamin Baret’s, visa appeal, unfortunately we are still awaiting a decision from the Migration Review Tribunal here in Australia. Benjamin has been in France since last September and we all miss him so much. Everyone who has met him would agree that he’s the nicest guy in the whole world, and is undoubtedly an incredible musician that we feel so fortunate to have in this band. As soon as we have any further news, we’ll be sure to let you know. Thanks to the 3000+ people from more than 60 countries that signed petitions supporting our appeal! For those that haven’t yet, please head to:

We’ll be submitting these signatures very soon, so if everyone can please spread the word one final time that would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks again for all your continued support. It’s amazes us that people care so much about this band considering we’ve only released a 3 song demo, and that way back in April 2007. We are incredibly proud of the album that we’ve created, and can’t wait to finally unleash it to the world sometime in the second half of 2011. Stay tuned!

Ne Obliviscaris

Good news, although album title, track list, artwork and release date is still pending. But the odds of this coming out this year look even better now, and hopefully Ben Baret's ability to return to Australia.

3/31/11 12:18PM

This is going to have to be edited/elaborated in the nexx X number of hours as I am about to head out. But this piece of news I just saw them post on Facebook is VERY encouraging.

Facebook post

Ne Obliviscaris
Getting things ready to send the album off to get mixed in the next week or two.... should we fill you in on who is mixing the album yet? Any guesses on who you think it might be?

I haven't mentioned much about them and their guitarist Benjamin Barret, but for those who don't know, he was forced out of Australia for various unfair reasons really. But I'll post something more about that soon.

edit: I may have already posted something a few months ago about that, but if not, more will be added about it and them along with this soon.