Friday, March 4, 2011

Alternative Press Magazine 100 Bands You Need To Know 2011

These are the unknown bands to me, save for O'Brother who I know opened for/toured with The Dear Hunter, that I jotted down the other day to check out. I don't expect to get into them as the past couple of years have been pretty awful. But 2006 especially had a nice list that made me always curious about it.

And Hotel of the Laughing Tree is in there of course, which is cool. Although the write up doesn't entirely make sense to me (The Dear Hunter I get, but Cursive? and a few other comparisons kind of made me roll my eyes). But I can't be surprised by that.

Just Like Vinyl (Coheed, System of a Down)
Vines Under Tension (Tortoise, Dosh)
The Young International (Coldplay, U2)
Human Fly (Burst)
Manic (Prince)
The Memorials (Thomas Pridgen's band, Death, Living Colour)
Shadow Shadow Sh (Psych Pop)
Marinas Trench - (Queen)
River City Extension (Broken Social Scene)
O'Brother - (Annuals)
I Fight Dragons (sElf)
Sugar Army (Muse)

I guess I'll sample these groups soon and if any of them are catching my ear, I'll elaborate or add a new entry about them.