Thursday, October 28, 2010

Caprica - CANCELED

episodes pulled from schedule. They're going to air the remaining episodes next year sometime.

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however, SyFy recently greenlit a BSG movie that is based around a 20-something Adama.

tvbythenumbers link

I just twittered about this. Am I surprised? no. Am I sad, a bit. Mainly due to the fact Caprica and I guess Warehouse 13 is all SyFy's got (sorry Stargate, Sanctuary, Eureka, and Haven fans). And the truth be, it was OKAY, but I was into the show more in the hope it would get better over time. BSG did anyway. But I can't be surprised given it is SyFy and they seem to be run in the same way their parent network is, NBC.

Now if the guy running USA Network were involved, I'd be more surprised.

What will replace it? as I posted on the comments section over on that tvbtn story, perhaps Caprica's James Marsters new show Three Inches about a group of Superheros, Marsters playing the lead who can move objects with his mind, but only 3 inches, lol. Rather Pushing Daisies-like (or The Tick perhaps?).

Otherwise, the status of something Bryan Fuller has talked about working with SyFy hopefully will be announced. "Sellevision" or something else.

edit: someone posted something about Fuller doing a remake of The Munsters which I would certainly be curious about.

but as for the BSG universe..we have the rest of those episodes to be burned off sometime in 2011, and then the Will Adama in his 20's movie. I suppose it's better than the whole thing going bye bye already.

I hope Alessandra Torresani and Magda Apanowicz namely go onto other, better things. I feel bad for Magda especially given that's twice in recent years (Kyle XY) her CABLE-based show got canceled before it could end it's story.