Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Caprica Update

10/5/10 6:14AM

Well I don't have a lot of time to comment, but the show and Season 1.5 actually does return this evening at 9PM on SyFy. Why it got pushed up or HOW, I honestly never read any of the stories that explained it. I know it had to do with the writers contracts expiring and needing a new one around the 2nd week of August. Perhaps they got one? or perhaps the geniuses at SyFy finally wised up for once and realized they should air the rest of Season 1's episodes sooner rather than later (nearly 1 year after Season 1 premiered).

As far what happens, etc..it looks promising. It appears based on that trailer, Amanda Graystone dies or goes missing and Daniel captures her avatar and creates an interactive hologram of her. Very much like Zooey.

I guess given I was into the show last Winter when it aired, and with not a huge rush of new good shows (there have been a few, namely Rubicon) along with potential upcoming cancellations (Chuck?), I'm as much if not more excited to see where the show goes here. And by some chance, it gets renewed and comes back either in the Winter or at worst, the Fall of 2011.

7/26/10 11:40PM

Late July Article

Well, it's not 86'ed yet, but it was originally supposed to return to the air sometime this Fall; however it was recently announced the 2nd half of it's 1st Season (1.5) will air in January now.

And that link above mentions how as early as next week they may announce if it's coming back for a 2nd Season or not, due to next week (being August) contracts are to expire.

I just mentioned something on imdb about the SyFy channel. Of course they are owned by NBC, who like pretty much any of the large networks, often cancel good shows and replace them with bad ones. SyFy channel in a lot of ways does the same thing. However, the USA Network is also owned by NBC, but unlike SyFy and the parent network, comes up with many good shows and actually RENEWS THEM.

My friend and I have had these rants on our Psych podcast on more than 1 occasion. Why doesn't NBC have the people who run the USA Network also not only take over on SyFy but their own network itself. It's pretty baffling to be honest. As my friend likes to make the analogy, NBC is like a last place Major League Baseball team who has a lot of really good AAA talent, but fails to promote those players to their Major League roster to save their butt. The logic, at least from afar, doesn't make much of any sense at all to us.