Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Total Babe - "Shape Up" on Grey's Anatomy (2/18/10)

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"Shape Up" live in 89/3's studio

this show (Grey's Anatomy) jumped the shark awhile ago, despite the irresistible Katherine Heigl. But I am dvr-ing it tomorrow night just for the fact local Minnesota up-and-coming group Total Babe have a song featured.

Jeez, at this rate, their visibility may go past Local Natives and others, lol. But at least I can claim to have reminded them to not forget I was enjoying their music before their 1st ep, etc the Summer of 2009 hehe. At the 7th Street Entry on my bday 6/20/2009 to be more specific.

What We Valedictorians, Jordan Gatesmith's other group is up to, I'm not sure. But I'm rather curious as last fall they mentioned recording their 1st album as well. I wonder if he even knows about Apes and Androids being broken up, for however much he'd care.

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Unknown said...

I have heard that We Valedictorians, Jordan Gatesmith's other band, has finished their new has been mixed and is being mastered...... Should be released soon..... The band is pretty excited and have also shot a music video for one of the tracks that will be released with the CD...These kids are super talented....