Friday, February 19, 2010

The Flying Tourbillon Orchestra --> Walking Sleep. Debut LP "Measures"

2/19/10 9:26PM

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Walking Sleep
There once was a band called the Flying Tourbillon Orchestra. They had many adventures: releasing an EP called 'Escapements', landing a song on a tv show about doctors who have sex with each other... some time later, they changed their name to WALKING SLEEP. To commemor...ate their new moniker, they are planning to release a 10 song album called 'Measures'.

let's see:

This Day & Age more or less became The Reign of Kindo
Call Florence Pow became Apes and Androids
The Apex Theory turned into Mt.Helium (sort-of, becoming a 3-piece)
Kunek turned into Other Lives
Cavil at Rest turned into Local Natives
Kaddisfly in a way turned into Water & Bodies

Earthsuit members formed Mute Math
Shabutie became Coheed and Cambria
At the Drive-In split into The Mars Volta and Sparta
Beatnik Beatch became Jellyfish
The Awful Truth members formed The Galactic Cowboys
The Edge/Sneak Preview became King's X
Majesty became Dream Theater
Ogilive became Rush

So 2010 brings
The Flying Tourbillon Orchestra becoming Walking Sleep

in nearly all of these cases, the original name was unusual, but distinctive. All of the names they changed to are more accessible.

I guess it doesn't matter as long their music is good and if it helps them have more success, there's no reason to be upset.

Their debut album is called "Measures" by the way

also 3 new songs are up on their myspace

"Let it Go On"
"The Cause"
"Final Chapter"

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