Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Transition..and

Postings during the day = gone.

To put it simply, I won't be online during the workday anymore, now until the unforeseeable future.

No big deal I hope. But it's a wakeup call.

I got to hear the Local Natives album finally. I'm pretty sure it lived up to my hopes. That band just knows how to write really good songs. And they have their own sound.

if I find the means, a lot more to be told here and rym about that rather soon. Debut album of the year likely, and pretty reasonable chance a top 10 candidate.

The only question is how long it takes until their name becomes a lot more commonly known. I was around in December 2006 ya''s wonderful yet could be sad. But they deserve the success they should get rather soon. Lookout Fleet Foxes, Grizzly Bear, and Animal Collective.

Seeing probably the new Michael Moore movie tonight to take my mind off the stress at work today. Words should come soon after as well.

Twins everything. FTR, I expect them to lose in 4 to New York, but if they somehow upset them, I wouldn't be shocked. Gardy still hasn't proved much as a post-season manager, but this team has no pressure on them, his others kind of all did.

as a result of my change in daily web limits, I may actually be able to do more reading, so perhaps this blog will start to include some literary reviews. Guess I'll see. But I have a a number of things to do now with this change, however unexpected they were.

6 shows next week, lol:

10/12 Fair to Midland
10/13 Warpaint/School of 7 Bells
10/14 Telluric Currents (Greg Herriges) FREE
10/15 Monte Montgomery (and I think) Lehto and Wright
10/17 Mute Math w/ As Tall As Lions
10/18 Mahogany Frog

new FTM demo is doing well on the 93X Cage Match, having won 2 nights in a row. Certainly should be nice to see them and talk to the members, especially Cliff about that.

dredg is filming a DVD for their November 1st show in Dortmund, Germany. Possibly 3 hours and some of the EP/B-side/Unreleased tracks could be played. Wish i lived in Germany, blah blah..

Kevin Gilbert 2 studio and live dvd/cd it appears could be available by Halloween. The wait isn't too far away. Those/That will be as big a deal for a new album to hear all year for me, even moreso than the Local Natives today. Soh soooooon.

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