Monday, October 5, 2009

Fair to Midland new song on 93X on Monday 10/5/09

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If you haven't heard already, Pablo from 93x in Minneapolis will be featuring our demo recording of Musical Chairs in their cagematch monday night (oct 5th) at 9pm central time.

for those that don't live there the link to listen online is here:

afterword, to vote on the cagematch go here:

pretty easy right? hope everybody enjoys it!

9PM Central.

(and then each night after that if they win. People need to hear it to know about THE CONCERT next Monday October 12th at THE ROCK NIGHTCLUB)

Vikes/Pack will have to have the sound down around then.

Missing Adrian Belew and Mono tonight as well, lol.

original 10/1/09 2:07AM
ftm's twitter: will debut a BRAND NEW SONG on 93x in Minneapolis on Monday! (Listen online worldwide!) Details soon!

that dj from 93X, it is cool having him from Minnesota and pimping 1of MY bands.

And the 7th show coming up in 30 months or whatever doesn't hurt either.

So, on Monday, Packers/Vikings and a new FTM song. When it'll be, who knows. But I may tell a friend of mine, I'll pass on going to bar for the game if I haven't heard it yet on 93X. Although hopefully someone over on one of the boards will rip the stream when it happens. I just hope 93x's server doesn't crash. May not be a bad idea to test it out soon just to get an idea about how to stream their station ahead of time.

The Dear Hunter: I probably should hold-off and write a more appropriate review including my 5:15-6:30pm 4hour-free parking dilemma. I'm kind of tired now.

But if there's one thing to get down is the metaphor that crossed my mind about TDH, Casey, and music that kind of goes with my repeated feelings when I'm around my brother and his kids, and with my parents too.

They got the American-Dream: career + kids etc. Success.

I have, well what I have. Work that pays my bills and isn't exactly boring (or as boring as it sounds/is stereotyped as), but isn't a career for me. And I have no marriage or gf and no kids.

So what DO I have? I have my entertainment, lol. My music, movies, television and other things. Trivial, right? Limited, trivial hobbies, or even addictions.

Casey Crescenzo, while he's humble and modest about his talents as a musician/entertainer, etc. He is significant to me, and possibly others. He's an icon. His talents are just too much to not be thankful for them each time we experience his music. And he's an icon. When I have been able to talk to him, yeah he's a normal person like anyone, but I'd be lying if it doesn't mean something a bit more to me.

I think it's almost like a line I or others might say to a beautiful woman. "You don't know how much pleasure you give me. I wish I could allow you to feel as much joy as I do from you."

It's true, I really wish Casey could fathom what it's like for me, and fans that can't truly put into words, their appreciation for his music. I'm sure he has, with others that he's met before. Like if he met Terry Gilliam I suppose, Minnesota's own I might add.

So trivial to others, and I guess cds, tv, etc are trivial things, but it goes back to the idea of, what else do I got? No career, no lovelife, music is all I got, so it thus becomes more than trivial to me.

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