Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Random Finds #2


pretty solid, less-is-more, experimental grindcore.
a 19 minute debut LP, lol. They may have surpassed Born of Osiris in the less-is-more department.


Strap the Button

wow..at times these guys KNOW HOW TO DO SPACEROCK! And all their music is available to For Free..plus a bunch of other bands there. I'm just a bit weary how spotty their music is. They have these great, heavy, layered sections that some songs build-to, but the filler is not lacking unfortunately. A lot of their stuff is recorded live there, which may be how they excel most. But when Space Rock is done well, it can be awesome. It's just like many genres, there's a ton of mediocre music made in it.

Farflung..also SPACE ROCK (is it becoming popular?)..saw this band featured on a new site I've been frequenting.

Calla..I'm curious but not expecting too much. They have a energetic darkness to them, yet still being pop. Sort of reminds me of Ours, but more so VAST. I'm not sure if their albums vary too much, especially the vocals..but if the music is good enough, if may not matter.

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