Monday, June 10, 2019

Andre Matos RIP (Part 2: Favorite Tracks)

Not a definitive list, but a reasonable summary.

The man was such a great arranger and had these orchestrations and then vocal lines that were like nothing I'd ever heard.

I think maybe on Angel's Cry and the Reaching Horizons EP, I think of them most. Holy Land had some of them as well.

I'll admit, my experience with the Viper music and his guest appearances like on Avantasia and Symphonia is limited at this point, as much as I love the guy.

Virgo and Looking-Glass-Self I enjoyed almost 20 years ago, but haven't listened to since. LGS especially I enjoyed, but I think when he formed Shaman, that band took a little bit of a backseat unfortunately, and they only released the 1 EP.

More to add, story/take/etc maybe a discography summary thing, I dunno. I guess I latch onto the MEMORIES of Angra and then Shaman and Andre most.

This death truly feels like losing a part of my Youth. Holy Land and Angels Cry especially when I listen to them, I do feel like I'm 21 again and it's 1997 or 1998 again.

Heart Attack? you know, this tight-feeling in my left arm, like having a tourniquet on it I have experienced a handful of times over the last 10 years, and the closest thing I've ever found is it's caused by a Heart problem, and could lead to something Cardiac-related.

Yours truly could go the same way, and Andre did not drink or do drugs. Nor did he seem unhealthy or overweight.

Who knows, but he has a heartattack at 47, Mike Baker has one at 45. Jerry Gaskill has 2 in his late 50's.

I'm kind of wondering, as healthy as I try to be, if I could suffer the same fate. I pray I won't, but unless more information comes out, how can you not be curious given the kind of person and life Andre led, especially over the last decade.

He just seemed too James Bickers too.

I wanna die some other day...

From my heart, to you I say, I'll be here to say

1. Make Believe
2. Fairy Tale
3. Carolina IV
4. Silence and Distance
5. Carry On
6. Wings of Reality
7. Nothing to Say
8. Lisbon
9. Time
10. Over Your Head
11. Angels Cry
12. Blindspell
13. The Shaman
14. Time to Be Free
15. Deep Blue
16. Rainy Nights
17. Reason
18. Evil Warning
19. Blindspell
20. Wuthering Heights
21. For Tomorrow
22. Letting Go
23. Reaching Horizons
24. Ritual 
25. Time Will Come
26. Stigamata