Thursday, May 31, 2018


This is just a brief post about this.

I have seen some YouTube channels list Album and even Song RANKINGS, Worst-to-Best, etc, which I could do per time of course. And 1 of the channels I noticed did 1 over this past weekend, inspired by another channel (Notes Reviews), which kind of got me thinking of wanting to try and make some of these.

They may end up like the Random Artist Feature/Artist Review videos, except I don't anticipate using or showing my collection in these cases.

The comments about each album, I would prefer to be as short as possible (but likely won't always be).

But here's where mine should differ: I plan to just GIVE MY RATEYOURMUSIC.COM RATING of each album, AND NOT IN RANKING/ORDER.

More likely just in chronological order, I'm not sure though. I.e., Ideally, I'd like the viewer to watch/listen to the whole video.

I also imagine many artists lists that aren't that long, to be relatively short videos. but others that have long catalogs, maybe not.

Anyway, a bit of a heads up. We'll see how this goes. I do like the fact I'm using the RATEYOURMUSIC RATING SYSTEM OF OUT OF 5-STARS, which next to nobody uses on YouTube (but it would be nice to see more anyway).

Will I rank them at the end? guess I doubt, but maybe if it may make sense. Maybe a quick review of all the 5-stars, 4.5-stars, 4-stars, 3.5-stars, etc.