Sunday, April 6, 2014

Nomia - Iron and Rust (2014)

This sort of came out of nowhere for me, as I have them *liked* on Facebook, and have been a fan of Nomia since 2006 I recall. Mainly knowing them fro their familiarity with the great Minnesota band Between Two Skies.

And I remember it was Halloween of 2008 they submitted per their Myspace page, a 3 track Demo/EP that was really good. Very riffy and dynamic, like a lot of Post-Rock I suppose. But it stood out a lot, so much so, I really was excited to hear more fro them.

And I know they've played plenty of gigs (many of which I knew about but couldn't make), and I recall a year or 2 ago I found something else from them online, but I think it may have been some older stuff (I'd have to look in my HD)

But this debut record of theirs is being released on July 15th, and 2 of the tracks are up already and available for download with a Preorder.

The people who dig heavy Post Rock will likely want to check this record out this Summer.

Iron and Rust cover art

1 Palisades
2 Ad Infinitum
3 Kingmaker
4 The Precipice
5 Fire is Born
6 A Windswept Tree
7 Iron and Rust

Minneapolis' NOMIA have been destroying the eardrums of audiences throughout the Midwest for the past 8 years with a vibrant blend of ambient guitars backed with an alternately restrained and crushing rhythm section. On their debut full length, Iron and Rust, NOMIA seamlessly merge achingly beautiful melodies reminiscent of post-rock giants Mogwai with the epic intensity of instrumental metal outfits such as Russian Circles. The result is an aesthetic all its own, straddling numerous genres while defying precise categorization. NOMIA’s ambitious debut, recorded and produced by Adam Tucker, manages to be simultaneously beautiful, powerful, and massively loud.