Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Jaco Pastorius: BBC Audio Documentary

I wanted to share this in here, although I first came across this BBC documentary on Youtube a few months ago when I heard and was looking for a trailer or any info about the upcoming FILM Jaco, "the official film of Record Store Day 2014."

I am a Weather Report fan and so naturally appreciate Jaco and his work with them and some of his solo work. With Pat Metheny and Joni Mitchell as well.

But there is a dramatic, tragic and yet compelling story about him, who some regard as the greatest bassist who ever lived. His ending namely, although all the details are not given, but a quick search on his Wikipedia page explains more details on what happened at the end of his life.

The documentary, which Robert Trujillo of Metallica is producing, may elaborate or include some details this 2 hour or so BBC special did not. I guess we'll see, but until that film is finished and available to see, this may tide some of us Jaco Pastorius fans over.