Friday, March 7, 2014

Crippled Black Phoenix - White Light Generator (2014)

I enjoy a lot of the records this band has made, even if some of the pieces seem to/can overstay their welcome a bit. And this record doesn't appear to be too short like some of their other extensive-ideas based albums.

But, it's coming in only a couple of weeks, and I usually enjoy more than enough from them to still want to go back to it.

Also interesting how the title almost looks like the great Typhoon record from 2013, White Lighter. Maybe the 2 bands should tour together?

Preorder Link Release Date March 17th

White Light Generator

1. Sweeter Than You
2. NO! (pt 1)
3. NO! (pt 2)
4. Let's Have An Apocalypse Now!
5. Black Light Generator
6. Parasites
7. _______
8. Northern Comfort
9. Wake Me Up When It's Time To Sleep
10. Caring Breeds The Horror
11. You'll Be Murdered
12. We Remember You
13. A Brighter Tomorrow

Bonus tracks (vinyl and iTunes Deluxe Edition only):
1. Now You're Gone
2. Self Seeking Man

Soundcloud stream w/ NO Embed for "A Brighter Tomorrow"