Monday, March 10, 2014

Bend Sinister - Animals (2014)..TEACHER + PREORDER/PLEDGEMUSIC

3/10/14 12:00PM

The Pledgemusic supporters have had it for a few days (and it was streaming in Canada I recall as early as last Thursday on

But it is released tomorrow (and the Pledgemusic Campaign reached well over 100% on Friday). But finally a stream as far as I know, is available for everyone here:

On File Under: Music's Bandcamp

As for a review, I should put something in either this entry or a new entry in the next 24 hours. I just haven't had the time yet, but I have listened to it 3 times now and love pretty much all of it. It could be an Album of the Year certainly, and I suppose is now in-effect my top record for 2014 at this early stage.

Oh, and I may also include something extra with said review, but the key word is *may*.

2/28/14 5:34AM

Bend Sinister Announce 'Animals' LP, Premiere New Track

1 Best of You 8:35
2 Fancy Pants 5:07
3 I Got Love 3:08
4 Better Things to Do 4:59
5 Thunder and Lightning 4:39
6 Teacher 5:09
7 Seventeen 3:32
8 You Remind Me 4:10
9 Through the Week 4:53
10 It Will Never End 4:40

Amazon Link with Sample Clips

also the Pledgemusic is up to 79% with 12 days left!

2/18/14 5:24PM

Teacher video:

awesome song, It starts out almost like Led Zeppelin's "In the Light."
Cool, trippy video. Also the Pledgemusic is up to 52%!  with 22 days left.

Damn, my interest in this album keeps going up. 2014 might be the biggest year of Bend Sinister's career.

1/17/14 5:30PM

I just pledged/preordered the signed Vinyl. One thing I'm unclear about though in this write up is "Teacher." I don't recall them sharing it.

Stream "Teacher" per a Facebook poll (and APPLICATION)

and it Rocks!

Our new album "Animals" is dropping on March 11 but if you pre-order here we'll make sure you get it before anyone else!

We’re happy to announce that we’ve finished our new album called Animals! You’ve heard “Fancy Pants” and “Teacher” but we can’t wait for you to hear the rest of it.

We’re gearing up to release this thing and get back on the road to play for you. As part of this we’ve decided to do a very special pre-sale with Pledge Music to give you the chance to get the new album before the general public!

This is how it works – when you pre-order, or ‘pledge’, on any of the items to the right you’ll get a download of our album before the March 11th release date. You’ll gain access to the exclusive updates portion of this page where we’ll be posting a bunch of special footage and cool stuff as this album release is coming together. PLUS you’ll be able to hear some early previews and tracks which won’t be available anywhere else!

We’re also making a bunch of cool items available such as special signed items, lyric sheets, tie dye, a fur hat, swag, house concerts + more. Just take a look to the right -->

So there you have it. Be among the first to hear our new album and we’ll see you on the road!

Thanks again and much love!
- Bend Sinister

Full Tour Schedule. I bought my tickets a few weels ago, for the show in St.Paul in fact, at the Turf Club.
Jan 25 Rossland, BC Blizzard Fest Canada TIME: 9:00pm. AGE RESTRICTIONS: All Ages/Licensed.
Jan 28 Golden, BC The Rockwater Canada TIME: 9:00pm.
Jan 29 Lethbridge, AB The Slice Canada TIME: 9:00pm.
Jan 30 Fernie The Northern Canada TIME: 9:00pm.
Jan 31 Kelowna Habitat Canada TIME: 9:00pm.
Feb 01 Kamloops The Dirty Jersey Canada TIME: 9:00pm.
Mar 04 San Francisco Hotel Utah United States TIME: 9:00pm.
Mar 08 Phoenix, AZ The Firehouse Gallery United States TIME: 9:00pm.
Mar 09 Scottsdale Pub Rock United States TIME: 9:00pm. ADDRESS: Arizona.
Mar 18 St Louis, MO Fubar United States TIME: 9:00pm.
Mar 19 Pittsburgh The Smiling Moose United States TIME: 9:00pm.
Mar 20 Toronto, ON The Horseshoe Canada TIME: 9:00pm. AGE RESTRICTIONS: 19+.
Mar 21 Kingston, ON Clark Hall Pub United States TIME: 9:00pm. AGE RESTRICTIONS: 19+. ADDRESS: Queen’s University.
Mar 21 Kingston, ON Clark Hall Pub United States TIME: 9:00pm. ADDRESS: Queen’s University.
Mar 22 Montreal, QC Casa Del Popolo Canada TIME: 9:00pm.
Mar 23 Ottawa Raw Sugar Canada TIME: 9:00pm. ADDRESS: 692 Somerset St.
Mar 24 Hamilton, ON The Casbah Canada TIME: 9:00pm.
Mar 27 Detroit PJ’s Lager House United States TIME: 9:00pm.
Mar 28 Chicago Junior’s Sports Bar United States TIME: 9:00pm.
Mar 29 Chicago Underground Lounge United States TIME: 9:00pm.
Mar 30 Minneapolis Turf Club United States TIME: 9:00pm.
Apr 02 Regina, SK O’Hanlon’s Canada TIME: 9:00pm.
Apr 03 Saskatoon, SK Vangeli’s Tavern Canada TIME: 9:00pm.
Apr 04 Edmonton, AB The Pawn Shop Canada TIME: 9:00pm.
Apr 05 Red Deer, AB The Vat Canada TIME: 9:00pm.
Apr 06 Calgary, AB Ship and Anchor Canada TIME: 9:00pm.

12/3/13 2:26PM
edit: this is some kind of trailer I guess.

"Fancy Pants" is there to stream. I'll try (but of course not guarantee) to add something later today as I am on break right now at work. I can't find a Track List yet, if it was posted somewhere.

Fancy Pants of course is 1 of the tracks I recall hearing them play live last March. Good, catchy tune with a twist from what I recall.

"Animals" being the title? I'm sure has no connection to the Pink Floyd record, but if this album is even HALF as good as that record, I will not be disappointed.

Not to forget, their last album Small Fame, was an excellent proggy power/bluesy pop album from 2012. 

Too bad their upcoming tour isn't hitting the US or even Winnipeg, but o well, hopefully more dates will be added soon. March 11th however, this should be 1 to look fwd to (or earlier, when a stream or a preorder download is available).

By Alex HudsonWhen Bend Sinister released their album Small Fame in the summer of 2012, it had been almost four years since their prior LP. Fans won't have to wait nearly that long until the Vancouver prog-pop band's next album, since they've announced thatAnimals will drop on March 11 via File Under: Music.

The album was recorded in San Diego with producer Joe Marlett (Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age), and apparently the results find the band continuing to expand their sound and drawing on a range of genres. All of the members collaborated on lyrics, chord progressions and songwriting.

"With this album we tried to say 'yes' to everything," guitarist Joseph Blood said in a statement. "As much as possible we let go of any preconceptions over how we think we should sound as a band and just let the songs come out."

For a taste of what this sounds like, hear the jauntily bouncing, cheekily "Wonderwall"-quoting song "Fancy Pants" at the bottom of this page.

Also below, peruse the band's upcoming tour schedule. It includes a number of freshly announced Canadian dates that stretch into the spring.

Tour dates:

12/06 Vancouver, BC - Vogue Theatre
12/19 Vancouver, BC - Joe's Apartment Bar
01/25 Rossland, BC - The Flying Steamshovel (Blizzard Music Festival)
01/28 Golden, BC - The Rockwater Grill and Bar
01/29 Lethbridge, AB - The Slice
01/30 Fernie, BC - Northern Bar & Stage
01/31 Big White, BC - The Blarney Stone Irish Tavern
02/01 Kamloops, BC - The Dirty Jersey
03/20 Toronto, ON - The Legendary Horseshoe Tavern
03/21 Kingston, ON - Clark Hall Pub
03/22 Montreal, QC - Casa Del Popolo
03/23 Ottawa, ON - Raw Sugar Café
03/24 Hamilton, ON - The Casbah
04/02 Regina, SK - O'Hanlon's Pub
04/03 Saskatoon, SK - Vangelis Tavern
04/04 Edmonton, AB - The Pawn Shop
04/05 Red Deer, AB - The Vat
04/06 Calgary, AB - Ship & Anchor