Monday, November 14, 2011

Why I suck and need more time..

These are just a few items that add to my guilt/frustration with time. But, with some discipline and change in schedule, I am optimistic this pattern won't be as notice-able (or lack there of) as it seems (at least to me) right now.

The Besnard Lakes + Malajube
East of the Wall + Iron Thrones + Witchden + Earthrise
The Dear Hunter + White Denim + Manchester Orchestra
The Galactic Cowboy Orchestra + Trent Romens

+ at least a dozen or more I'll be able to see on my rym/ concert calendar.

-MN History Center 1968
The Dear Hunter Documentary (Casey's quotes namely)
that list of bands I've never reviewed
Eurologizing bands like PRR, Oceansize, and some others.

Tower Heist

lol I can't even begin right now

lol, I feel like Tim from the Weekly Freak, reviewing concerts that are months if not almost a year old, lol.