Friday, October 11, 2019

Big Wreck with Texas King @ The Turf Club 10/9/19

So Big Wreck, 1 of the Canadian trilogy of bands to come out in the 90's with a Prog Grunge kind of thing (The Tea Party and I Mother Earth being the other 2 I think of), played in St.Paul on Wednesday night.

I 1st saw them open for Dream Theater in 1997 (October or November?). That was my 1st Dream Theater concert, but I do recall liking them somewhat, even though I was not exactly hearing the Soundgarden meets Led Zeppelin thing exactly.

Their debut album In Loving Memory Of was released that same year, 1997. And the truth is, I don't think I picked it up any time around then, and I never really followed-up with them, until around the same time I got into I Mother Earth and The Tea Party largely from the discussion on the forums.

I eventually picked up In Loving Memory Of and the 2001 follow-up The Pleasure and the Greed.

The debut I especially got into. The strong guitars and melodies really worked.

And the band ended up breaking up not long after I recall, only to reunite almost 10 years later; eventually releasing now 4 albums since. The latest being But for the Sun which came out in late August. And that new record might be the best of the 4 albums since.

But while I did get into those 2 albums back in the 2000's, and have enjoyed all of their records since they reunited to varying degrees, I haven't found them incredibly addictive. And the other thing I think of them for is the LENGTH.

And I have not listened to their early records probably in over a decade. Per my memory was spotty on the older tunes. I did revisit some of the more well know ones like "The Oaf"
and "That Song" which are maybe my 2 favorites off ILMO.

But seeing them live some 22 years later (which I think was the last time they played in Minnesota, or even toured the States; Visa's, costs, etc I imagine could have a lot to do with that.

The CROWD though at this show was nearly a full house at The Turf Club. Really surprising, per I never see their new cds in stores, they aren't on the radio or mentioned much in the music media.

But they have their fans either here in MN, or people traveled from the likes of the Dakotas, Iowa, Wisconsin for this show.

Overall, they had great energy for the large majority. the middle slowed down a bit when they were playing some of the more Sabbath-like doomy pieces.

But like the epic "Blown Wide Open" that closed the main set I felt went on for awhile, with Ian Thornley's guitar solo, but once the rhythm section picked up the tempo, it suddenly became really dynamic and BIG. I really was digging it.

Great encore as well, especially from an energy standpoint. And I love their parts with the twangy/zeppelin/blues-rock guitar parts.

I am happy I went, even with I suppose some of the vocals being drowned out and the hit and miss element of the show. Big Wreck do put on a fun show, and this was long enough to satisfy.

I would go for seeing them again, maybe even supporting someone like Coheed, Mastodon, Fair to Midland (given a reunion) or The House Harkonnen, Dream the Electric Sleep, Vennart or even say King's X (or in a fantasy, THE TEA PARTY or I MOTHER EARTH).

Also to note, the opener Texas King was fun. Another band from Ontario in fact, with HUGE ENERGY. I may have to check their stuff out.

Set List
In My Head
That Song
One More Chance
Ahead by a Century / Wolves
Help Is on the Way
Amazing Grace / Albatross
Found My Place
Too Far Gone
Blown Wide Open

The Oaf (My Luck Is Wasted)