Thursday, May 2, 2019

Coming in May 2019...

Midseason Albums List which shows up to 27 LPs and EPs to varying amounts of experience listening to. Still that list along with the more interesting anticipation list hopefully will be arriving in the next couple of weeks if not by this weekend (half the work is making the list and copying the images, and I've already done almost 100% of both).

893. The Current 893 Songs List REACT TO. The artist list may need some more work, but selecting songs, and then the ole' tracking 89.3's list and MULTIPLE SONGS FROM ARTISTS which if I can manage the time to do will increase the number of songs from artists on MY list.

Thinking of doing hopefully relatively short entries about "Why is [Insert band] not my favorite band? entries. Like Rush being an obvious 1. I might do 5 or might do 50. It probably will be bands that I love a lot of their music and over a good amount of time. And then ultimately, I could do entries about my favorite band Marillion and favorite musician Kevin Gilbert.

and more that I probably have thought of, but haven't done.

edit: DS9 Doc review/hyperbole 1 that comes to mind.

of course time allowing. House hunting could impact it and videos made.

My wife and I are putting an offer on another (town) house soon. Our 4th..maybe this will be the 1.