Thursday, April 12, 2018

Soundscape - Insatiable [1B] (2018)

Soundscape, the progressive metal band that I have often felt to be 1 of the only fans of, online/social media. Namely 10 years ago when their long delayed 2nd LP Grave New World was finally released.

Although I suppose it does go back to the late 90's with Discovery's release and Man and Machine. They did even get written up in Metal Edge (how I found out about them), and they played at ProgDay I recall 3 straight years. Also Powermad (or maybe it was that festival they played 3 straight years? or maybe both? I forget). But I know Soundscape found or retained a bunch of fans who frequent ProgPowerUSA and ProgDay (also Ken Golden from The Lasers Edge used to carry their cds I recall). And the progressive rock/progressive metal/Dream Theater+Fates Warning fans.

So I wonder/hope some of those folks will get wind of this new music from Soundscape.

Anyway, this is a new song "Insatiable" from them which I'm unclear of something.

1) Is this, and only this that is being released tomorrow, Friday the 13th?
2) Is this the 1st single for a full-length that is coming out tomorrow, Friday the 13th?

I know they have a full-length album coming per they wrote and recorded over the last year or so per photos and updates on their Facebook page.

And for me, this is great news of course, although there is a part of me of  that assumes a new album from them may not be able to match those 2 what I consider Masterpiece 5-star albums Discovery and Grave New World.

And I was trying to think of what artists have that perfect record for me: Apes and Androids and The River Empires I guess are the only others, and in those cases, they only have 1. Toy Matinee I suppose as well per I don't consider The 3rd Matinee album part of the same discography, especially per Kevin Gilbert wasn't involved.

I mean there are some cases with 2 proper full-length albums that are close (Jellyfish namely), but Soundscape are the only clear case. They in-effect did a few others like Man and Machine and the Ilago rock opera, but that wasn't fully Soundscape (nor was Rob Thorne's America: The Beautiful).

But that all being said, tomorrow, more will come out. I would think if the full album doesn't come, some details about it hopefully will.

And I think I may need to post an entry about this April 2018 being quite a big month for new albums. The Family Crest, Kindo, Kimbra, Janelle Monae and now Soundscape? and a few others. Not unprecedented (June 2009 was a biggie among other months), but this may be the biggest month of the year at least.

As for "Insatiable" I do like it, although Todd Rose's almost-industrial guitar tone and Rob's vocal style add to some new/different elements to this. I'm wondering if Rob has decided to not sing at some of the higher/almost falsetto ranges much of the Soundscape work has? I know he has sang for Sacred Oath for decades, but I've honestly never been able to get into them. Although I haven't spent a ton of time actually, in fairness. But I wonder if the vocals on this 1st track Insatiable are a product of the range Rob sings at now. Or perhaps just for this song?

I guess that will be known when hearing the rest of the upcoming record.

Info w/ quote from Rob Thorne

“This song is all about addiction and the power it wields on both sides. As a father of 3 children, I see what’s going on around me - kids sitting in groups staring down at their phones not speaking to each other, kids choosing to Face Time in to a party instead of actually go. It’s weird. They’re addicted to the illusion that social media is a better experience than the world that’s happening right in front of them, and, honestly, I think it’s as scary as the opioid problem. That’s why we draw those parallels in the lyric video. And look at the companies that are profiting. Apple,FacebookVerizonPurdue Pharma... are they really making the world a better place? Really?”