Tuesday, October 3, 2017

OT: October Update/Projected Schedule

Colonoscopy: done.
Weekend in Duluth for the Anniversary: done.
Move/Storage: done
Bills/Budget: close to done?

The Colonoscopy I just had yesterday went good I think. I need to see my doctor though per they found no Hemorrhoids; i.e. for the last 6 months I've been totally wrong? They said I need to drink more water and take in more fiber like Metamucil, lol.

I swear it's a broken fucking record with More water/more fiber, etc In other words, I can't win (the water part goes back to this Neverending battle with Kidney Stones I've had since 2015). \

But I'm now scheduled to see my Primary doctor on Tuesday the 10th.

I just can't take lightly delaying/dealing with something for 6 months, and of course going through the crap of 3 days of Prep more less, for the 2nd time in less than 4 years (I had one at the end of 2013), and then the answer I get is not close to what I expected. They did remove 3 polyps, but even that is/was the source of my issue since March, that actually may require I get another Colonscopy within a year or 2.

And I'm 41 years old.

Most people don't have even 1 Colonoscopy until they're 50, yet I've now had 2, and may have to have 1 or more?

I may be overly paranoid, and I guess I'll find out more when I talk to my doctor next week.

During the prep, to kill time, I did finally watch/finish

Mew: and the Glass Handed Kites documentary
Victoria (per Netflix)

good stuff. The Mew thing in particular, learning about that album, the producer, and just reading a little more about the in-s and out's of the band. Visuals is a good record, but I have come to grips with it is not at the level of their others, including Plus/Minus.

I think Bo Madsen's presence is missing, but he may never return, so I'm kind of reevaluating how I look at their future music. I hope they come back with a classic album next, but I'm not sure if that will occur.

Upcoming concerts:
Michael McDonald (October)
Ne Obliviscaris (November)
Cloud Cult (April)

Robert Plant (February)

The Dear Hunter+The Family Crest in Chicago (December)
Marillion in Atlanta (February)

2016-2017 End of Year Albums:
the hope is to get going on it and finish it in the coming weeks.

Lots of albums to revisit and some of course coming in late (Small Leaks Sink Ships namely).

And of course 2017-2018 is looking to start out quite well with Galactic Cowboys and Kimbra albums already confirmed. The Reign of Kindo and some of the unclears looking more like 2017-2018 rather than 2016-2017 (Sculptured, Soundscape, In Vain and some others better make an announcement soon per Halloween is what? now 4 weeks away).

Videos?..almost made 1 this weekend but Colonoscopy prep doesn't really allow it. I wasn't even able to spent 30 minutes to watch the premiere of Ghosted on the FOX network.

Tonight though: missing the Black-ish Season premiere, and The Mayor premiere for Dean Magraw finally again at Black Dog. I'm going to also try and Stream the Twins/Yankees Wildcard game.

I expect them to lose, but looking at this, I think it may be their best chance to beat the Yankess per it is only 1 game/sudden-death, etc.