Wednesday, August 9, 2017

MUTEMATH: Staffing Changes

So Darren King, somehow is out. Although it almost reads like a Mark Zonder thing, i.e. he may still want to write and record with them?

And I guess Roy Mitchell-Cardenas left the band a few months ago.

Which leaves basically Paul Meany, and 2 names I only recall recently. Todd Gummerman and Jonathan Allen.

Jonathan Allen I guess was announced as a replacement for Roy back in May when Roy left.

Todd was on Vitals, and now is the 2nd oldest member of the band, lol.

This drummer David "Hutch" Hutchinson has a familiar name, but I honestly would have to Google it to see if his background rings a bell. But the post below from Paul sounds like he may just be doing the tour? (perhaps he can, and Darren may resume drum duties on studio work in the future?).

This situation reminds me a few different bands of the past. 1 being Fair to Midland, although I dunno if Roy and Darren's departure's are due to the band being broke, but maybe more family or the lifestyle after so many years?

Mew, which if they followed a similar path, Darren and maybe Roy could be involved again, but that would only be in the future and things would have to allign.

And then another is Pain of Salvation. Could Mutemath basically be the Paul Meany-band now? ala Daniel Gildenlow and co.

I do wonder after their upcoming studio album and tour, if they may want to consider 1 or 2 things.

1) a hiatus.

2) a band name change. Although this sadly would be drastic, and lose fans who may never come back to whatever they change the name to. But Darren and Paul formed the band, and Roy actually went back to the 1st EP, Reset in 2005. Earthsuit was the thing Paul did with Roy along with David Hutchinson.

Ah, so that may be where David Hutchinson's name rings a bell.

At any case, this is uncertain news, but I can't fault the band nor the members who left. And the fact is I have been fortunate to be a fan for over 10 years, and saw them live like 7 times, so I have had a lot of fill from them. But it is unfortunate to see these members leave. I just hope they continue to make music with others perhaps. Darren namely, is such an incredible drummer, I hope there is more for him down the road as a musician.