Sunday, November 20, 2016

Sharon Jones: Rest in Peace

I meant to post this the other day but ended up not finishing it it here in the blog.

Sharon Jones was a singer/musician my wife is a big fan of. I have known her, really since seeing her and the band on the IFC show "Dinner with the Band" like 10 years ago.

I always knew she was sort of a late bloomer. But then like a year or 2 later, the hipsters started promoting her, including 89.3, etc.

At any case, my wife and I saw this documentary and it was rather eye-opening, her whole battle with Pancreatic Cancer. It going into remission. Unfortunately, the doc ends before it came back, and now sadly she did lost her battle to it on Friday.

Noteworthy, she did a show with Mayer Hawthorne and Hall and Oates at Red Rocks in CO that my wife wanted to go to as a Bachelorette party in August, but they weren't able to.

Also she appeared live from Daryl's House.

And the below Prince collaborations/jams, etc.